SAP BW/4HANA cockpit is a Web-based interface used for administration of a BW/4HANA system. In BW/4HANA cockpit under the Modeling tab, you will find the following tiles to work on anything related to Workspace. 



In BW/4HANA Version 2.0, BW Workspace is a dedicated area in a BW system where new models can be created based on central BW and local data (e.g. flat files). The workspace can be created in BW Environment using the TCODE – RSWSP. Enter a name and click create. workspace-tools-designer-query-designer


Workspace Tools

The workspace tools are used to maintain the workspaces available in the BW environment. The needed workspace should be selected from workspace tools before being used in workspace design.

It has 3 options:

  1. Change Workspace
  2. Unlock Workspace
  3. Clear Workspace


Change Workspace

As the name suggests it is used to choose between or change the existing workspace. Respectively needed workspace can be enabled before working on the workspace design.


Unlock Workspace

It helps to unlock a workspace if it’s been locked by some user, ensuring work is not stopped due to workspace being locked.


Clear Workspace

It is used to clear the available composite and local providers, local data and local queries that we have created in a workspace. We can search for the details in the search option and proceed to clear the same. Here we can select the delete option to clear that provider from a workspace.


Workspace Designer

It is the environment where we make local providers manipulate data to check whether it affects or does not affect the existing model. It is used when new scenarios are needed in existing providers and enables the user or even developers to check the data in development with the local provider. If everything looks fine, then the same can be implemented in an actual provider and moved across to production. It enables the user to test different needed scenarios.

It has the following options available:

  1. Local CompositeProviders
  2. Central Providers
  3. Local Providers
  4. Local Data
  5. Local Queries
  6. Settings



Local Composite Providers

It is created to do modifications based on central BW objects. It has the following options,


The create option is used to create a local composite provider. On clicking the option, It enables the user to create a composite provider based on a query or general provider. Click continue, It will show an option to select a provider based on the available providers and we should provide a name, description for the same. Click Next,


Now we need to model the composite provider and provide the join types, in the details of links specify the join field.


Click Next, You can edit the fields based on the requirement. Click Next, You can create a query for this provider or also you can create SAP HANA View for this provider.

Click Next, You can save and activate the local composite provider. Now its created.

Upon selecting any local composite provider, The other options are enabled. You can change the details of a provider, or delete if not required, use the display data option to check the data of the provider, inform users by emailing them the local composite provider, and the last check its where-used list.

Central Providers

The provider that Is specified as the main provider in Workspace is the central provider. It is used to display data of the provider, its where used list or even to create a template file of the data in CSV format for the local system.


Local Providers

It is to create reload etc for locally created providers. Its available options are,



It is used to create a provider based on the file, data source, query and agile data preparation. We need to select the required option and create the same.

The provider properties like enabling planning or auditing or appending or deleting data are the same for all types.


For File-based, Upload the file from the local system and specify the header with a delimiter.


For Query Based, Select the needed query and proceed. For Datasource based, If the data source is mentioned while creating workspace then those can be used in this.

For Agile data provision, If we have the remote source provision, we can create and assign a name and description for the same.


Local Data

It is used to create local characteristic or hierarchy to be used in a local provider.

We can select the needed option and the characteristic based on that master infoobject will be created. We can add the attributes if needed.

Local hierarchy is to create a hierarchy based on the infoobject present. We need to mention the internal Hierarchy ID.


Local Queries

It is to create queries for local providers or data. It helps in displaying the output for the changes made.

The change and delete option are to either change the query or to delete it depending on need. To create a query, Start workspace query Designed is clicked.


Workspace Query Designer

Here, we can create a new query or open existing query. It has options to do the same based on info provider and also to change workspace if needed.

Upon giving create a query, the providers are listed that are available in the workspace and we can select one as needed. We are provided with the query designed panel,

We can design based on our need and click save button. With an appropriate name, the query is saved. It is available in the workspace designer.



It shows the global setting that is given during the creation of workspace in the BW environment.


Thus, using workspace enables users as well as the developers to practically implement any required changes in Development and check on the outcome before applying it in the production. Similarly, we have many other apps grouped together in BW/4HANA Cockpit to perform specific operations in BW/4HANA system.

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