A report with a description of the measures in it is worth more than a simple report. Document store is a feature in SAP which allows you to create comments on any specific cells of your Bex query output.

But how does it work? Let us discuss the process in detail.

Let us assume that you have created a query on top of an Info provider. The comments which you are going to create on a cell should not only be virtual but also should be stored physically somewhere in the BW space. The comments may also be subjected to be modifiable for many reasons in the future. We need a separate component to store these kinds of transformation, changes, etc. In short, we need historical storage of the documentation which we are making.

Document store is a component of BW which stores this information in the form of a system-generated ADSO automatically when you input comments.

Let us discuss below how to create comments on cells in a query and see how does this gets stored in the Document Store.

Refer below the output of a query. It is understandable that it shows the credits assigned to each employee. But we are not sure about the consideration factors on which these credits have been assigned.

We can simply create comments on the cells to explain this.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Go to the BW project. Right-click on your Info area – >New -> Document store. Provide the Technical name and description.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Click on the Info providers tab and then click Add. You know the InfoProvider which you are using for your query for which you are going to create comments. Input the name of the Info provider and click ok.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Your Document store is created now and you will also see a system-generated ADSO. This is the one that is going to store your historical documentation data.

Initially, there will be no data in the Document Store. You will have to create comments for the cells in your query to have the data available.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Open your query and then go to the Runtime Properties tab.

Enable ‘Yes’ on Document Support. By choosing YES or NO you are specifying whether documents can be created for the query.

Select the Document Store which you have created for the same Info provider used in your query in the Default Document Store.

Save the Query.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA


You can select from all document stores to which the InfoProvider that the query is based on is assigned. This covers the following InfoProviders:

  • DataStore Object
  • CompositeProvider

If you do not select a document store and keep the value [] instead, the user has to assign a document store at runtime.

Run the Tcode RSRT2 in the SAP Gateway. Input the query name and execute it. Right-click any of the value and you will see the option for commenting. Click on Create comment.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Input your comment for the cells and click the tick mark for your comment to be saved.

Note: You will need the authorization S_RS_DOCA to do this.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Now you can view the comments for your cells by choosing Display comment or by simply hovering on the value.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

These comments will also be visible when you run your query in Analysis for Office.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Now let us jump back to our Document store to see how this data is being stored. Click on the Spanner icon after you open your Document store.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

You can now view the data required for administration.

Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

If you have selected a row, you can perform the following functions:

  • When you click Details, you can call a display of the details for the selected document, including header data (document ID, version), metadata (document type and document status, user name, the key figure name, Info Provider that belongs to the query with which the document was created) and further technical data.
  • When you choose Show Document, you can call a preview of the document.
  • By choosing Show SELDR, you can view the filter definition of the cell. You can check the selection conditions here.
  • When you click Delete Keys, you can delete the document (and all existing versions).
Document Store in SAP BW4HANA

Each of the activity which you do in your query commenting will be captured here. A comment which is deleted in the query side will be recorded in the Document Store with Document status(DOCSTAT) as D. But if you Delete keys in the Document store, your comment will not be available in your query output as well.

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