Linked components is a new concept in BW4/HANA which is used to create a link between query components to automatically reflect the changes done in the source component to the target components.

If your target info provider structure is similar to source info provider, you can create linked components using source query. In a query, query components like info objects, hierarchies, restricted key figures, calculated key figures and variable can be mapped. Some other query components like structures, currency translations, unit conversions are not supported.

In this blog, we will see how to create a linked component and synchronize it after changing the source component.

Steps to create linked components

1. Open your Bex query and click “show linked components view” icon.linked-components-bw4-hana-part-1


You will be now taken to the linked components tab where you can see the current query details.

2. Right-click and select “new component”. Provide Target Info Provider, Target query technical name and description. As mentioned before, your target info provider should be similar to your source info provider. This is because the system will automatically map the components between queries.


3. Click “Create Proposals” and the system will map the objects automatically based on the reference info object. You can also map the objects manually provided Source and Target objects have the same data type.


4. Click “Validate” to check the mappings. You can also simulate the synchronize by selecting “Synchronize (Simulation Mode)”. Click “Create” and You can now see newly created query linked to the source reference query.

Steps to synchronize the target components after any changes

Consider if you are adding new objects to the free characteristics, some to the rows and some additional key figures to the source reference query.


1. After updating the source query, click “Show linked Components view” and you can find “*” above the linked queries. This indicates that a linked query is not similar to the source query and you need to synchronize it.


2. Right-click and select “synchronize” to update the linked queries with new changes.linked-components-bw4-hana-part-1


3. If the synchronize is successful, you will get a green OK status.


4. Now check the target query. You can see the changes done in the source query getting reflected in the target query.

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