This blog is a continuation of the Linked Components in BW/4HANA Part 1 that explains how to create Linked Components and synchronize the link between the queries in BW/4 HANA.

This blog explains how to use CKF(Calculated Key Figures) and RKF(Restricted Key Figures) across BEx queries built on different info providers using Linked Components.


Steps to create Linked Components for CKF and RKF

1. Open a BEx query and select info provider view to see reusable components created on top of your info provider. Double click the CKF that you want to use and click ‘show Linked Components view’ icon.


2. Right-click and select new component. Provide Target Info Provider. As mentioned in the previous blog, you can create Linked Components only if all the objects used to create CKF or RKF exists in both source and target components.


3. Click ‘Create Proposals’ and the system will map the objects automatically. You can also map the objects manually provided Source and Target objects should have the same data type.


4. Click ‘Validate’ to check the mappings. Click ‘Create’ and you can now see newly created CKF linked to the source CKF.


5. Now you can use this CKF in the queries built on top of the target info provider. We can also synchronize the links between the CKFs if we make any changes to the source component.


6. Similarly, you need to follow the above steps to use RKF across different info provider queries.

An important point to be noted is that Linked Components can’t be changed unless the link is decoupled between the components. Linked Components at any time will be always similar to the source component. All the changes can be done in the source component and synchronized to reflect it to the Linked Components.

In BW/4HANA, we can now centrally define the logic of reusable components like CKF and RKF and use it across the queries built on top of different info providers with ease using Linked Components.

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