We have all worked on Composite Providers and usually might end up in roadblocks. The performance improvement of Composite Provider also brings along various limitations.

This blog is a continuation of Overcoming limitations of Composite Provider Part 1 that has details on some of the most common constraints and how to break them. Let’s investigate more limitations of the Composite Provider and its workaround!

Temporal JOIN

  • The functionality of the Composite Provider with temporal join works correctly.
  • It works like the Info Set in legacy BW.
  • The temporal join logic is not pushed down to HANA yet.

During activation of HCPR with temporal join, a warning gets displayed



As you can see here, In the Query Monitor (RSRT), Additional “HANA Calculation Engine Layer” Tab is not available.


In both HCPR and BW Query the properties aren’t changed.

NULL Handling

Null Handling is not possible in Composite Provider for key figures hence NULL values are displayed as Zero. But in case of Multi-provider, the OLAP processor can help to differentiate an empty key figure for a fact that it’s not linked and has zero value.

Activation of HCPR when Characteristic is more than 30 length

Activating an HCPR causes an error when the calculation view is added to HCPR has a field with length more than 30 characters as in BW we limit the field length to 30.

Non-Cumulative Keys

In Info set, we cannot have Noncumulative Infocube attached whereas in a Composite Provider it can be attached but the only issue is it cannot have an ADSO with non-cumulative keys as the right part provider.


We can use the same ADSO in the left part provider of the inner join.

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