SAP BW/4HANA cockpit is a Web-based interface used for administration of a BW/4HANA system. In BW/4HANA cockpit under the Modelling and Monitoring tab,we have options to create and manage process chains in BW/4HANA. It also provides high-level monitoring information to those who are not familiar with BW. In this blog let us discuss in detail about this tile. 


Process chain Editor

Clicking on the process chain editor leads to another window which is lists all the chains in the system. It also can be used to create and modify process chains.



Generally, list all the process chain in the system, if we want to see a particular process chain by using a filter, can do that by expanding the symbolprocess-chain-bw-4hana-cockpit.



By clicking the adapt filter option allows customising the filter as required.


It is possible to send the status of the process chain details by using the below option and also to create a tile which is having the required process chain in the home page.


These three options are used to personalise the view and getting the list of process chain as a spreadsheet and excel file.


Setting option is used to personalise the view of the process chain list as follows.


By clicking the process chain editor tab, we get the following options.

  • Create
  • Change
  • Where used
  • Delete
  • Refresh

Creating a process chain

To create the process chain, click on the create button in the window. It will lead to the below window.


Add Process button used to add every process in BW like DTP, Activation, ABAP, Command etc.

Add Collector used to join the process types into a single flow. Add Decision is used to make the decision to continue the process based upon success or failure. Properties of the process chain are used to set the server, user priority and to monitor also send notification about the process chain failure. Change option is used to change the process chain and where the used option is used to find the details about the meta chain information. Delete option is used to delete the process chain and refresh option is used to refresh the chain after the changes.

Scheduling option in the properties allows setting the server, user and priority of the job.


Based upon the below monitoring setting allows to monitor and send updates about the failure.


Once you save and activate the newly created process chain, will find the monitoring option to schedule the process chain.


Click on the monitoring button it will lead to the below window.


Then click the schedule option to schedule the process chain. Once it is scheduled it will run based upon the timing you have fixed already.


Process Variant Editor is used to create and modify the variants for the objects in the system.



This module has the below options.


View Dashboard

This dashboard helps us to find the whole process chain list that is scheduled, last run, Runtime of the process chain, failed process chain.


View Latest Status

This option is used to see the latest process chain status that runs.


View Run

The option is used to see the running status of the process chain.



Process chain creation, schedule and modification is much simple in cockpit and user friendly when compared with SAP GUI.


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