SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) 11, is SAP’s next-generation iteration of its planning application based on the SAP BW4/HANA platform.

Apart from offering several powerful planning, modeling, and reporting capabilities. It also simplifies the modeling process by leveraging what BW/4HANA has to offer, by means of simpler modeling and data consumption.

This blog will focus on the changes in architecture from BPC 10.1 on BW7.5 to BPC 11 on BW/4HANA.



Architectural and feature changes between the versions are summarized below:

BPC 11.0 is an add-on of BW4HANA

In SAP 10.1 on BW 7.5, the standard and embedded modeling components were merged with the BW 7.5 component. The CPMBPC and HANABPC components were removed, thereby eliminating the need to install separate add-ons for BPC. This allowed standard and embedded models to co-exist and provided for a much tighter integration with the BW layer.

However, one of biggest disadvantages of this approach is the fact that, customers will have to regression test their BW components if they want to upgrade BPC.

In BPC11.0, SAP has decoupled SAP BPC from the BW4/HANA layer. BPC 11 needs to be installed as a separate add-on for BW4/HANA. This allows the two components to be upgraded to subsequent releases, independently. This eliminates the need to regression-test the BW components when BPC gets upgraded.


Hybrid Planning using SAP Analytics Cloud & BPC 11.0

SAP Analytics Cloud can be used as an alternative option for Planning and Analysis of BPC Data.

You can import data (transaction & master data) from BPC into SAP Analytics Cloud, and leverage SAP Analytics Cloud’s capabilities to plan and model this data. Then, you can export planned data back to BPC models.


Intuitive navigation & administration in BPC 11.0

BPC 11.0 provides a modern & intuitive interface for the home page, administration and navigation.


Analysis for Office Integration

In Excel Client, AO Plugin can be used for Embedded Model, and EPM Plugin can be used for Standard Model.

These features are supported from SAP Analysis for Office 2.4 SP02 onwards.


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