Legacy BW systems offered Standard BEx queries, Info providers along with data flow to load and analyse various statistical data within the system. With BW/4HANA, delivered CDS views are available through which we can do reporting on statistical data. This blog explains the architecture for Statistical reporting using the delivered CDS views.

Query Runtime Statistics

Query runtime statistics are used to analyse the average query execution time in different layers such as front end, OLAP or data manager.

This can also be used to determine the execution time of certain user actions in the front end and in the analytic engine. The system records all these processing steps in the statistical tables, which are known as statistics events. It calculates the net time taken for processing of a query by calculating the runtime of an event using the difference between the start and end time.

Similarly, we can monitor DTP load statistics, Process Chain Statistics and Data Volume Statistics as well.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

All Versions before BW/4HANABW/4 HANA
Data load from Data source to Cube should be scheduled using Process Chain.No need to schedule as the legacy objects are replaced by ABAP CDS Views and Transient providers.
Physically stores data in DSOs & Cubes.Logically holds data in Cube view & Transient Provider.

What is Cube View?

Cube views are ABAP CDS views and can be viewed from the ABAP perspective of HANA Studio/Eclipse. It is created by joining the base statistics tables and hence eliminates the need to physically store data.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

What is Transient Provider?

Transient Provider is automatically generated in the backend and can be viewed in the tcode RSRTS_ODP_DIS. It is a virtual layer and does not store data physically like Multi-provider.

Go to tcode RSRTS_ODP_DIS and enter the Transient Provider name 2CRVCOLAPSTATAC.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Click on execute button to see the definition of the Transient Provider.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Creating Query on Transient Provider in BW/4HANA

Go to HANA Studio and create a new Query.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Enter the Query name and description and select ‘Search for Transient Provider’ and then click on the Browse button.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Select the Transient Provider name 2CRVCOLAPSTATAC from the drop-down.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Save the Query and go to Sheet Definition.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Select the required characteristics and drag and drop them under Rows, Columns and Free Characteristics.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Alternatively, we can use the Standard Analytic Query 2CRVCOLAPSTATAQ, delivered by SAP, directly and consume it as a source for reporting like WEBI.

DTP Load Statistics

The query shows details about requests executed during DTP execution. Advanced DataStore Objects, Info Objects and Open Hub Destinations are all supported as target objects.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

Process Chain Statistics

It is used to record the current status of all process chains in the system and it acts like process chain monitor (tcode RSPCM). The statistics provide a current snapshot of PC status information and no history.

SAP BW Statistics in BW/4HANA

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