Keyfigures are operational attributes which indicate numerical measure such as amount, weight, quantity etc. When working with inventory data, stock coverage is an important KPI that users look out for.

SAP provides us with a direct method to calculate the stock coverage based on available stock and demand in a time interval. Let us see how to create the stock coverage keyfigure from available stocks and demand key figure with a simple example.stock-coverage-key-figure-bw4hana

Step 1

Create a keyfigure info object with a Quantity data type. Enable ‘Stock Coverage’ option in the properties section as shown below, it opens a new tab as stock coverage.stock-coverage-key-figure-bw4hana


You can find the exception aggregation is applied by default on the key figure to find the weighted average with a number of days.

Step 2

Select the required unit to measure the coverage time for example ‘Month’ as shown belowstock-coverage-key-figure-bw4hana

Step 3

Configure the stock coverage tab as shown below to calculate the number of months that the current stock will suffice.stock-coverage-key-figure-bw4hana

Step 4

Add the Stock Coverage info object to the ADSO with the reference objects as shown below, the values will be automatically calculated in the queries based on the values from the reference objects given.stock-coverage-key-figure-bw4hana


Query Output


The stock coverage keyfigure will give us the number of months the available stock will meet the demands.

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