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So SAP Cloud for Analytics is now a few months old and it is time to now take a more serious look at the product to see what is already available and what might be missing.

We will start with the Data Connectivity part and explain the different options of data connectivity, and we will then go through different scenarios – from a simple scenario such as acquiring data from a Google Sheet to an online connectivity with SAP HANA.

Currently SAP Cloud for Analytics differentiates two main scenarios : Online / Remote connectivity and Data Acquisition.

Data Acquisition means, that the data is being extracted and loaded into the SAP Cloud for Analytics system and that the customer will have to pay for the storage of the data in the SAP Cloud for Analytics system.

Online / Remote system refers to an actual online connectivity where the data stays in the remote system and SAP Cloud for Analytics is connecting live to the data.

Currently SAP Cloud for Analytics supports the following data sources:

Data Acquisition / Import of Data :

  • SAP BW
  • BPC on NetWeaver / BPC on Microsoft
  • CSV Files
  • XLS Files
  • Google Sheets
  • salesforce.com

For BW, BPC, and salesforce.com, the import of the data can also be scheduled on a recurring cycle.

Online Connection / Remote systems:

  • HCP

For the Online connection, SAP BW and S/4HANA is planned.

In the next blog, we will use a Google Sheet and use the information in SAP Cloud for Analytics.

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