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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an enterprise class cloud Data Warehousing solution by SAP. This could be your one stop solution for all your business needs where in you can get real time business insights as well using built-in advanced analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud in addition to the data warehouse and data integration capabilities. Powered by SAP HANA cloud services, it integrates data from all types of heterogeneous sources into one place. The solution caters the needs of all kinds of business across all sizes.

The three key layers of a Data Warehousing solution are carefully crafted into the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution to provide numerous benefits.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – The First Look

Data Integration

Organizations find it critical to trap business benefits by making smart insights and arrive at critical decisions using the humongous data that gets generated every day. But, with the data distributed across multiple systems in diverse formats, the integration becomes more troublesome.

With the introduction of SAP Data Warehouse cloud powered by SAP HANA Cloud, integration of data from different landscapes has become easier. It offers the flexibility of managing and combining data from multi cloud, hybrid (cloud and on-premise) and on-premise environments. Decision making capabilities are further enhanced by analysing not only the structured data but also the unstructured data. You can harness the power of heterogenous data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) across multiple systems using the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. It gives open access to 3rd party ETL tools to import any data from any source into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Data Modeling

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud has a new concept called Spaces which is a logical area that can be created for each line of business inside an organization. Here, the semantics are built with the natural language index to provide specific KPI names based on the line of business(spaces). With the data and semantics readily available, business users can create their own reports based on the available KPIs and make the decisions faster and smarter.

You can model in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud using two methods, SQL and Graphical. The Graphical modeling involves business users to create their own models whereas the SQL modeling would need IT’s efforts. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with pre-installed standard business content across different modules right out of the box.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is tightly coupled with embedded analytics platform called the SAP Analytics Cloud. It also pre-loaded with industry specific templates that are ready for consumption. Other 3rd party tools can also consume data from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud via inbuilt secured channels.

With the integration of SAP Analytics cloud with planning, predictive and forecasting capabilities, businesses can easily adopt the hassle-free planning and data simulation across KPIs and publish the planned data into the system with lesser involvement of IT. Advanced analytics is also possible via machine learning and python integration which will let you forecast the KPIs. Powerful and key insights are derived on real time data with the use of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Thus, SAP Data warehouse cloud provides an end-to-end cloud solution with quick turnaround time and reduces the total cost of ownership. All the eyes of the Data Warehousing world are on the release of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud which is coming soon. You can register for the beta program here – https://saphanacloudservices.com/data-warehouse-cloud/

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