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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is an end-to-end data warehousing solution on Cloud. Powered by SAP HANA Cloud, it helps you to make smarter and quicker decisions by unifying all the required data in your landscape in one place.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offers many services for different purposes. This blog briefly explains the governance services involved in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Governance constitutes the creation, management, and maintenance of data, users, sources, audits, and many more. Space management and administration are the two main activities under governance services in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Fig 1. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Services

Space Management

Space is a virtual work environment in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. It is a basic building block without which you cannot perform data modelling and reporting in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.
You can assign users, create connections, manage space memory, generate time data, create database users, etc. in a space. Space can be created for a particular LOB user and maintained with the required priority based on the usage.

Some of the powerful features of space are,
• The computation and storage memory of a particular space can be adjusted based on the requirement.
• Multiple spaces can be created based on the business needs and cross-space sharing of objects is also possible.
• You can also provide access to the underlying SAP HANA Cloud database through ‘Open SQL Schema’ via database users.
• You can configure the space to connect with HDI containers.
• Space monitoring is also possible where you can periodically check the memory consumption of objects present in the space.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Administration can be defined with below activities:

  • User and Role Management – Application user creation, assigning standard or custom roles to the users.
  • Space Management – Space creation, assigning users to the space, assigning connections to space, space memory management, space monitoring, etc.
  • Connection Management – Configuring data provisioning agents, creating a new connection, maintaining IP allow list, etc.
  • Manage Content Network – Transfer content between tenants, installing SAP and SAP Partner delivered business content packages based on LOB.
  • Data Integration Monitoring – Managing remote table replication jobs, data flow jobs, remote query monitor, etc.
  • Security – Setting up the required authorization for data and models in SAP Data Warehouse cloud, managing application and database users, audit logging, etc.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud features are very promising, and this could be the one-stop solution for all your data warehousing needs on Cloud. You can either start your data warehousing journey or extend your current data warehousing solution using SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Reach out to us here today if you are interested in evaluating if SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is suitable for you.

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