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SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is SAP’s next enterprise Data Warehousing solution on Cloud. It is capable of integrating data from various types of sources into one place and enables to perform advanced analytics using the built-in SAP Analytics Cloud powered by SAP HANA Cloud services as well as any other third party reporting tool (not available in the trial).

The product is still under development and SAP has recently launched a trial, to explore the features of the product. You can register for the trial at – https://saphanacloudservices.com/data-warehouse-cloud/

The scope of this blog covers features pertaining to trial account only and they are subject to change when the product is GA.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: A Quick Start on the Trial Account Features

SAP Data Warehouse A Quick Guide on Trial Account Features

The Interface

The User Interface of the SAP Datawarehouse Cloud looks very neat, intuitive and extremely user-friendly. The Home page is loaded with options to browse through the community, help documents and guided videos. The collapsible panel on the left has distinct buttons that are boldly arranged. These buttons can be used to navigate to various tabs. The tabs are as follows.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: A Quick Start on the Trial Account Features


The Administration tab enables you to register Data Provisioning Agents. It basically helps to establish connections/secure tunnel between SAP HANA database on which SAP Data Warehouse Cloud runs and various on-premises systems in your landscape.


The Security tab enables you to manage Users and Roles. Under the ‘Users’ option, you can add/edit users and assign them roles as required. Roles’ option gives you an overview of multiple roles that are available in the system. Interestingly, you have the ‘Activities’ tab, in which the system keeps track of all the activities you carry out that could be used for audit purposes.


The Connections tab enables you to add connections to data sources including remote data sources as well. In the trial, you can add SAP HANA, SAP ABAP and OData Sources only. The SAP HANA and SAP ABAP source systems are connected via the DP agent that is already registered.

Space Management

The Space Management tab facilitates the creation and maintenance of Spaces. ‘Spaces’ is a concept that introduces a logical partition/area in which you can assign specific connections. The objects that are exposed to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud through connections, along with tables that are created in using CSV files, would act as sources for model creation. The resultant models act as a base, on top of which SAP Analytic Cloud stories can be created. You can assign users with roles to view, edit or delete objects in Spaces. Although few of the features are under development in the trial version, the UI is exciting with the summary on the status of the Spaces to understand if Space(s) is(are) hot, cold, active or in hibernate mode.

Data Builder

The Data Builder is a place for creating objects that include tables, Graphical/SQL views and ER models. The tables can either be remote (created using connections) or local (created using CSV files). The graphical view development features are limited to join, union, filter, renaming and creation of calculated columns in the trial version. However, we can expect extensive features to be added in creating graphical views similar to HANA calculation views in the near future. The data modelling gives an all-new user experience with an intuitive and simple design.

Story Builder

As part of the SAP Analytics Cloud strategy for embedded analytics, it is an out-of-the-box solution that is tightly integrated with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The Story Builder is the go-to place for the SAP Analytics Cloud story creation on top of the models that are classified as ‘Fact’. In the trial version, the front-end capabilities are limited to SAP Analytics Cloud only and we can expect the connectivity to multiple front-end tools in future.

Business Catalog

The Business Catalog acts as a dictionary to all the available objects in the system. Users can navigate as required from this point.

The solution aims to provide flexibility and agility for both business and IT users. The first impression of the tool looks very promising and has created quite a buzz among SAP’s customers and partners. The product is expected to release in Q4 this year.

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