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Visual BI recently launched SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas solution content for SAP Analytics Cloud. This content was developed leveraging our expertise in delivering multiple executive scorecard implementations for O&G enterprises.

Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas
Figure 1 – Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Oil & Gas

The Value Delivered by SAP Digital Boardroom solution

To appreciate fully the value added by SAP Digital Boardroom, it may be helpful to understand how Visual BI delivered a solution for the board in the past – during the pre-SAP Analytics Cloud days.

One such implementation mandated a 360’ view of the business to track operational and financial efficiencies realized as part of ongoing digital transformation efforts. Specifically, the executives required the ability to choose any KPI of interest and drill down on-demand for further analysis (such as till date analysis, trend analysis, performance vs. targets, drill down to the region & well level, and more).

Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas
Figure 2 – A Solution for the Board built using 100% On-Premise infrastructure (and visualized using SAP Dashboards / Xcelsius)

To meet this need, Visual BI delivered a 100% on-premise solution based on SAP BW & SAP BusinessObjects. A KPI-based launchpad portal built using SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) helped executives navigate to the individual dashboards for slice-and-dice analysis. Some of these dashboards had the ability to launch even more detailed reports built using Web Intelligence, BEx Web and Crystal Reports. We had to ensure that context was being passed whenever a new report or dashboard was launched.

Even though this was one of the several needs supporting the digital transformation, it was a huge effort nevertheless. Reports that used to take a few days to a few weeks for preparation (due to manual efforts) were now available to the Board on a near-real-time basis.

Later, Visual BI developed another on-premise version of this solution using SAP Lumira Designer with similar capabilities that rendered well on both desktop & mobile devices.

Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas
Figure 3 – The solution content built using SAP Lumira Designer rendered well on desktop & mobile

The New Generation Solution: Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas (using SAP Analytics Cloud)

When SAP launched SAP Digital Boardroom, we immediately realized how it directly addressed a need unmet in the market by any of the BI platform vendors.

Recently Visual BI launched the cloud equivalent of the on-premise solution by leveraging SAP Digital Boardroom & SAP Analytics Cloud. This pre-packaged business content helps executives track and benchmark performance across Operations, Finance, Procurement and Health & Safety. This content is now available on the SAP App Center here.

Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas
Figure 4 – Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom Solution now available on the app center

Key features of this solution include:

  • Rapid go to Market – You can use the solution as a starting point without having to start from the scratch
  • Customizable – Customize or add Key Performance Indicators that are relevant to you
  • Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) – Retain the narration while connecting to your own data
  • Supports Planning Capabilities – Give the users the ability to intuitively adjust plan data such as budgets

The solution content covers 8 KPIs (for a more exhaustive list, reach out to us today here)

  • Operations: BOEPD (Barrels of Oil Equivalent Per Day), Well Count, Cycle Time, Downtime
  • Finance: CapEx and Lease Operating Expenses (LoE)
  • Procurement: Spend Analysis
  • Health & Safety: Incident Analysis

The technical architecture of the solution is provided below.

Visual BI’s SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas

Where can I get more information?

The content is downloadable and listed in SAP App Center here. The documentation can be accessed here.

Visual BI also offers the following to help you evaluate & leverage the solution better (reach out to us here for a personalized offer):

  • Strategy Workshops (<1 day)
  • Proof of concepts (1-3 weeks)
  • Custom Implementation & Training

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