Working in B4HANA from eclipse

You would have worked with SAP GUI till now for BW development. But for development in BW/4HANA, you will be working in eclipse. Working in B4HANA through eclipse is a lot easier than you think. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to work in eclipse.

You can see some of the most useful shortcuts below.

Open SAP GUICtrl+6
Create a new objectCtrl+N
Activate an objectCtrl+F3
Validate an ObjectCtrl+F2
Maximize\Restore tabCtrl+M
Search\Find objectCtrl+H
Open ResourceCtrl+Shift+R
Open an ObjectCtrl+Shift+D
Toggle tabCtrl+F7
Toggle perspectiveCtrl+F8
Toggle between Open objectsCtrl+E
Move across open objectsAlt+(→ or ←)
Close current ObjectCtrl+(F4 or W)
Close all open objectsCtrl+Shift+(F4 or W)
Get Where used listCtrl+F5
Quick AccessCtrl+3
Open viewsAlt+Shift+Q
Show error logsAlt+Shift+Q+L
Refresh data previewCtrl+Shift+P

You can get the list of available shortcuts in eclipse using the command Ctrl+Shift+L.

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