Reports make end-user to consume data in an efficient manner. Also, it gives a significant impact on organizations decision. One can create a report for several reasons some of them were to monitor resource utilization, productivity assessment, shows business performance across the different period, reveal hindrance of the business process, shows key performance indicator. To achieve this, Alteryx provides a variety of tool to develop the Reports.

A report encompasses elements like logo, header, footer, text, images, maps and visuals. Let discuss the tools available for creating these reporting elements in Alteryx

1. Basic Elements


  • Report Header tool, you can create a header with text, logo, date, image.


  • Report Footer Tool, you can create a footer with page number, copyrights text and text.


  • Report Text tool can be used to add text, hyperlink to the report. It supports the formatting of selected text


  • Image tool used to add an image to the report. Let’s you to attach the image dynamically by fields from the input file

Note: Every component/functionality referred to as Tools in Alteryx environment

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tools: Report Header, Report Footer, Report Text, Image

2. Visualization

Using the charts available in Alteryx you can find distribution and correlations, to do a comparison, drill-down analysis, trending and trading analysis and then behaviour analysis. All these analyses done through the Interactive chart tools.

Charts supported by Interactive Chart tool(Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Scatter, Box and whisker, Candlestick, Heat Map)

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tools: Interactive Chart Tool

Reporting in Alteryx

3. Detailed Analysis

To do this analysis requires a table. In general, the table used to show transaction data, product tracking details, comparing different objects, generate a statement, time analysis. Using the below tool, you can configure the width of the table, adding bar graph to table, apply conditional formatting to the fields and arranging the fields.

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tool: Table

Reporting in Alteryx

4. Geography Analysis

Using the maps, we can show sales across a different territory. By applying heat layer, we can calculate demands in certain area. Finding a trading area around the business radius.

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tool: Report Map, Map Legend Build, Map Legend Split

5. Notify Feature

By providing the SMTP URL to Email tool you can send email to a group of user or user. Also, it supports attaching the file through browsing the local file or selecting the field from the input which contains the location of the files.

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tools: Email

6. Structure Maintenance

To create a final report, you must organize reporting elements to produce a valuable report.

Following tools can help to arrange, resize, formatting the reporting elements:

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tools: Visual Layout, Layout, Overlay

7. Viewing the Report

Alteryx allows a user to save the reports in the following format PDF, RDF, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, PNG, HTML, MHTML.

Reporting in Alteryx
Available tools: Render, Browse

Available tools: Render, Browse

8.Scheduling Report

We don’t have the option to schedule a report because a report is created under workflow. By scheduling the workflow, you can get report through email.

Click to see more detail about scheduling a workflow

Reporting in Alteryx

Using Reporting in Alteryx, one can easily generate the same report for a different region, departments through the concept of batching. It is easy to create a dynamic report also simple selecting pertinent field from the input.

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