Fivetran provides connectors, in which we can change the sync mode based on our requirements once initial sync is completed. Let’s have a look at the options that Fivetran provides more in detail from this blog. Basically, after the initial sync, all tables will be in the live mode which can be changed. There are three sync modes available;

  1. Live mode
  2. History mode
  3. Legacy Mode

Little more about, Automatic re-sync/ Modes of Sync

Live Mode: In Live mode when a record is updated in your source, Fivetran updates the corresponding record that exists in your data warehouse in its next sync. Likewise, when a record is deleted in your source application and return deletes as changes then Fivetran delete the corresponding record in the warehouse.


Live mode


History mode: It is activated on table basis, in history mode Fivetran keeps all versions of the record using the type 2 slowly changing dimension format. To keep all versions of the record, Fivetran adds three columns to each record in that table.


History Mode


Legacy mode: It is the hybrid of Live and History Mode. Once you activate history mode for a table, you cannot return to legacy mode. You can only switch to live mode. In legacy mode, when a record is deleted in your source, Fivetran soft delete it in the warehouse by setting the system column fivetran_deleted = TRUE.


Legacy Mode


Fivetran makes extraction and loading possible with few clicks and lets you concentrate on your analytics than worry about building your data.




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