You will always end up facing a requirement either to get notified when a workflow is running or do some other job based on the status of the workflow. For which, Alteryx designer gives us the option to trigger an event from a workflow. The event can be any one of the below;

  1. Send mail
  2. Run Command


Send mail – event

This option is used to send a mail at different instances of the workflow. When you click on the send mail option as shown, it will open a pop-up window as shown below. By default, it has all the information about the workflow, in which we can add our own message. To send a mail we need to give the SMTP configuration.

We can also add attachments like documentation about the workflow or details of the person mentioned who can be contacted.

The event can be triggered at the available predefined instances of the workflow which you can find below.


In the mail, we can add the assets that are added to the workflow and can also add our files as assets to the mail as an attachment through the assets tab.


Run Command – Event 

The run command option allows us to open any application that is installed and it can also trigger another workflow to run. It opens the selected services or application and runs the given command argument in that application.

You can select any program on the computer which needs to be opened using the browse option near the command box as shown below.

Please refer the blogs below for more information on using the Run command:



You can add multiple events for a single workflow, like sending a mail before the start and after the completion of a workflow. We can also schedule a dependent workflow to run after completion of the parent workflow at the workflow level while developing itself.


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