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In the first part of this blog, we saw some of the latest features of Snowsight including Worksheets, Schema Browser, Fast Query Writing, Interactive Query Results, etc. Here we will discuss more on the visualizations part of Snowsight such as Charts, Dashboards, Geo-Spatial Data, Share & Collaborate and Data Exchange Features in detail.

Snowsight: Attractive Data Visualizations

Snowflake rather than just being a warehouse on the cloud, this time they have also introduced simple, yet effective in-built Dashboarding to visualize the data better.

1. Charts

Snowsight produces Charts instinctively from query results. They have various sets of Charts including Line, Bar, Scatter, Heatgrid, and Scorecard. The best part about the Snowsight Charts is that they look great on any device at any size! We do not need to customize them for mobile/desktop as they automatically handle it.

Snowflake – Sneak Peek of Upcoming features Part 2

We can also extend the mentioned chart with series. There is also a built-in Bucketing option for Date columns ranging from Date, Week, Month, Quarter, Year and for Time columns ranging from Hour, Minute and Second which simplifies time-based analysis.

Snowflake – Sneak Peek of Upcoming features Part 2

2. Dashboards

The Snowsight Dashboard covers all the aspects of a Self-Service BI tool. The Dashboards collaborates various Charts on a single page usually adhering to a specific theme.  We also have options to edit the Appearance features in the Dashboards, one of the effective ways to visualize data on the go with minimal time.

Snowflake – Sneak Peek of Upcoming features Part 2

Currently, we do not have any option to download the entire Dashboard, but we could download each tile. All these Dashboards can be saved and shared with other users within the Organization securely.

3. Geo-Spatial Data

The long-awaited support for Geo-Spatial Data is now available in Snowflake and can be implemented by a new data type called GEOGRAPHY. Points on the earth are represented as degrees of longitude (from -180 degrees to +180 degrees) and latitude (-90 to +90). Altitude is currently not supported.

This data can be loaded using standard formats like:

  • WKT (Well Known Text)
  • WKB (Well Known Binary)
  • GeoJSON

4. Sharing and Collaboration

The analysis of our data/ insights, in general, would be quite limited if we do not have an option to share it with others. Snowflake helps us to tackle this scenario whereby we could share the Worksheet, Dashboard, Folders to others where they would be able to view/run the reports depending on the permissions set. Snowflake also provides an option where the colleagues could fork the shared worksheet and derive their analysis on top of it.

Snowflake – Sneak Peek of Upcoming features Part 2

5. Data Exchange

This Preview feature of Snowflake allows Data Exchange to happen within the business units of the company or collaborate with external customers.

  • We can have more control over the data that needs to be shared. Security can be implemented for accessing the data. Auditing and Access of the data either to be Standard or Personalized listing can be easily done.
  • As a consumer, you can leverage different data sets to gain an understanding of business insights.
  • These features promote data reuse across different business units within the organization.

As an extension of this blog, we have the next blog ‘Snowflake – Sneak Peek on Upcoming Features Part 3’ which concentrates on Data Market Place, External Functions, Search Engine Optimization, and Dynamic Data Masking.

Learn more about Visual BI Solutions Snowflake offerings here and read more about similar Self Service BI topics here.

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