The power of data is provided at fingertips by Tableau in feature-rich visualizations which helps in making data-driven decisions. To make this more effective we need enriched data sets which are provided by the self-service data analytics platform Alteryx.

Alteryx Designer helps in discovering, preparing, blending and analyzing data quickly. It allows to perform advanced predictive modelling and spatial analysis on data in an intuitive drag and drop workflow. The output data can be used in Tableau to deliver smarter and impactful visualizations for your enterprise. These functionalities make ‘Alteryx + Tableau’ a winning combo.

The tableau extract files are the compressed snapshot of the data source. Beginning from version 10.5, the .hyper extract format is widely used. This extract takes advantage of the cutting-edge parallelism techniques of Hyper Data Engine. The benefits of .hyper extract include creating larger extracts with billions of rows in the data, faster extract creation, refresh and query execution. Publishing these extracts into Tableau server will enhance its performance.

Alteryx provides two ways to save the output of workflow for using in Tableau. One is the Output Data Tool to save data as local extract file. Another way is Publish to Tableau Server tool which allows us to publish the output data into Tableau Server or Tableau online as either Tableau Hyper data extract (.hyper) or Tableau data extract (.tde) file.

Note: A single workflow cannot contain both format extract files.

Now let’s dive deep into how we can publish .hyper extract using the Publish to Tableau Server Tool from Alteryx designer to Tableau server.


  • The current v2.0.0 version of Publish to Tableau Server tool requires Alteryx version 2 and Tableau Server 10.5 or newer.
  • The input file should not be blank.

Publish to Tableau server tool

Publishing Alteryx .hyper output to Tableau Server
  • The Publish to Tableau Server tool is available under ‘Connectors’ Tool Palette of Alteryx designer. Drag and drop that tool at the end of your workflow to the canvas.
Publishing Alteryx .hyper output to Tableau Server

  • After connecting, you can start configuring in the configuration window.
  • The first step is to sign in to your Tableau server. If you have old connections saved, choose from Saved connections, or else enter the username, password, server URL, and site info of the Tableau server. These connection details can be saved for future purposes if needed. Then click the Connect button after filling all mandatory fields.
Publishing Alteryx .hyper output to Tableau Server

  • On successful sign in to Tableau server, configure data source window will appear. Fill in the project name and the data source name. As we are creating a new data source select the Create option under Output Options. We can also select overwrite for creating if not existing or overwrite the existing data source; another option is Append to append the changes to an existing data source.
  • Now specify the ‘Data source format’ we can give either .hyper or .tde. In our scenario, we need to select a .hyper format.
  • Additionally, to enrich your data you can provide metadata using the ‘Data source meta info’ if needed. The metadata info should be provided in .tds file format. The metadata file contains the data source type, connection info, groups, sets, calculated fields, bins, and default field properties.
Publishing Alteryx .hyper output to Tableau Server

  • The options available for our published .hyper extract file is shown below.
Publishing Alteryx .hyper output to Tableau Server

Now you can build new workbook on top of this extract file. The revision history comes in handy when you need to track the changes to your extract file after the execution of modified workflow in Alteryx. Thus, we have published .hyper output file to Tableau server which can be used for further analysis in Tableau.

To leverage the Alteryx + Tableau combo in your organization and to speed up the process you can also download ‘Alteryx starter kit for Tableau and use. This starter kit contains many perfect sample workflows where analysis comes at its best which can be used to leverage this combo.

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