Every Tableau Conference brings a lot of excitement for Tableau users with its products demonstrations, performance tunings and educational sessions.  In TC19’s open keynote many upcoming features along with existing features in Tableau were demonstrated. In this blog, we will be covering the highlights among those.

Dynamic Parameters

Currently, Parameters are static and contain only the dimension value that was present in the dataset during the time of parameter creation. If new values are added in the data source to the field used in the parameter, the new value is not updated in the parameter.  

Dynamic parameters will automatically update the existing parameters with new values if any get added in its source dimension or measure. 

Tableau Prep – Write to Databases

In the latest version, Tableau 2019.4, the output of Prep workflows is restricted only to Tableau Extract files (.tde/.hyper) and CSV file formats. In next year release Tableau Prep will be able to write back to SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and PostgreSQL databases. The output of the workflow can be appended to existing tables or inserted into a new table in a database. More target database options are expected after the first release.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights
Write back to databases

Incremental Refresh in Tableau Prep

Incremental refresh can be set based on a field in dataset thus reducing the time for data transformation and extract refresh by bringing only the new/incremental data.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights

Rank and Fixed LOD GUI Functions in Tableau Prep

Instead of writing complex scripts for Rank and LOD functions developers/business users can use drag and drop feature to generate LOD expression as shown in the image below.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights

The Reusable workflow in Tableau Prep

Selective steps in workflows can be saved as a file or published to the server. The saved workflow steps can be reused in other workflows. This will save the workflow development time. 

Tableau Prep builder on Server/Online

Tableau Prep builder is run on desktops and the workflows created are published to Server. In case of any modifications, the existing workflows are downloaded, modified in Tableau Prep builder and re-published to server. 

In next year’s release, it would be possible to create or modify workflows directly in Tableau Server or Online. This would power users to access and modify the workflows from anywhere negating the need for downloading the workflows to Tableau Prep Builder. 

Ad-hoc Data Modelling

Currently, the data model defined in the data source tab is used across all sheets and dashboards in a workbook. With ad-hoc data modelling, it would be possible to define different data models for each sheet. 

Set Control

Business users are restricted to using members of sets in charts that are pre-defined by developers. With Set control end-users will be able to define/edit members of the set (like a quick filter) thus giving them more flexibility for easy and deeper analysis of their data. 

Animation in Vizzes

Animated visualization help end-users easily track the changes in the data points of their interest when interacting with the charts. This will be supported in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Online as well. 

Page Filter in Browser

Users can use the page filter to track a change in dimensions and measure over time in Server/Online environment. As of Tableau 2019.4-page filter is restricted only to Tableau Desktop.

Buffer Analytics

Easily create boundaries around spatial points using buffer function. Developers will be able to specify boundary range in terms of radius and identify the location of data points of their interest within the boundary and much other spatial analytics can be done.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights

Users Viewing Logic of Custom Calculations

When interacting with dashboards business users may want to understand the logic or context behind a custom calculation.  In next year release, it would be possible for end-users to view the underlying logic defined in calculations.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights

Usage metric of fields

Users can select fields in data sources to identify the number of flows, sheets, workbooks it is used in along with the number of owners.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights

Flexibility in Ask Data Platform

End-users can filter data in Ask Data platform through simple clicks as shown in the image below. This option would give end-users greater flexibility to dive deep into data points of their interest instead of adding filter text in Ask data. It is also possible to type in a custom calculation on the fly in Ask Data and visualize the corresponding data.

Tableau Conference 2019 Open Keynote Highlights

Resource Monitoring Tool

Monitor performance of all your deployments easily through a single dashboard. Admins can track performance, Concurrent users, Processes and load times of all deployments through the dashboard. Further users can select a specific time period in charts of above-mentioned parameters and view list of VizQL Sessions, background tasks and every data query sent to the database during the time period. The dashboard can also be downloaded as .twbx file. This helps admins easily detect and resolve performance issues. 

Content Migration tool

Easily migrate your workbooks and data sources across sites and server deployments through a simple GUI. 

Login Based Licensing

Managing desktop product keys becomes difficult especially when there are many desktop licenses. Login based licensing enables tableau admins to assign Creator site role to a user. Users with Creator Site role can activate their Tableau Desktop using their Server/Online credentials negating the need for any product keys. 

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