In our previous blog on LOD in Tableau, we understood the concept and applications of LOD. In this blog we will focus on Fixed LOD.

What does Fixed LOD do?

The Measure values are computed only for the dimension specified in the expression.

Syntax of Fixed LOD Expression:

{Fixed [Dimension 1], [Dimension 2], …: Aggregation}

Let’s look at an example to understand better.

Exercise 1:

Build the following view:

Understanding Fixed Level of Detail (LOD) in Tableau – Part 1

Adding a Sub-Category dimension to the view, we can notice that Sale value changes.

Understanding Fixed Level of Detail (LOD) in Tableau – Part 1

The Sale value is computed now at Segment, Category and Sub-Category level whereas previously it was calculated at Segment and Category level only.

Exercise 2:

Repeat the steps mentioned in Exercise 1 and replace the Sum (Sales) with the following expression

{Fixed Segment, Category: Sum (Sales)}

Understanding Fixed Level of Detail (LOD) in Tableau – Part 1

Comparing Image 2 and Image 3 we can notice Sale values are not the same even though the same set of dimensions have been used. Also, we can notice that the Sale values shown in Image 3 are as same as the ones in Image 1.

The expression that we had used in Exercise 2 is as follows,

{Fixed Segment, Category: Sum (Sales)}

Even though Sub-Category is added to the view the computation is done only for Segment and Category dimensions as we have mentioned in the expression to fix the sum (Sales) to only Category and Segment dimensions

In the subsequent blogs, we will look at how dimension filters and context filters affect the Fixed LOD expressions

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