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Cheat Sheet for Functions in SAP Lumira Discovery

Oct 26, 2017


This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

A quick reference on different functions that are available in SAP Lumira Discovery to leverage in Formulae,


  1. Concatenate : Combines two fields into a single field
  2. ExceptFirstWord : Return a new dimension excluding characters before a separator
  3. ExceptLast Word : Returns a new dimension excluding characters after a separator
  4. FirstWord : Returns a new dimension only with characters before a separator
  5. LastWord : Returns a new dimension only with characters after a separator
  6. Length : Returns number of characters in a string
  7. LowerCase : Converts string to lower case
  8. Lpad : Fill up a string on left to required length with specific characters
  9. Replace : Replace characters in a string
  10. Rpad : Fill up a string on right to required length with specific characters
  11. SubString(length) : Returns a portion of string with specific length
  12. SubString : Returns a portion of string
  13. Trim : Removes a specific character
  14. TrimLeft : Returns a string excluding leading repetition of a character
  15. TrimRight : Returns a string excluding trailing repletion of a character
  16. UpperCase : Converts string to upper case

Date and Time

  1. AddDayToDate : Add days to a date field
  2. AddMonthToDate : Add months to a date fiel
  3. AddTime : Add time to time field
  4. AddWeekToDate : Ass week to date field
  5. CurrentDate : Displays current date
  6. CurrentDateTime : Displays current data and time
  7. CurrentTime : Displays current time
  8. DateDiffInDays : Calculates difference in dates
  9. DateDiffInMonths : Calculates difference in months
  10. Day : Returns Day from a date field
  11. DayOfWeek : Displays day of week (Mon-1 to Sun-7)
  12. DayOfYear : Displays day of year (out of 365)
  13. Hour : Returns Hour from a time field
  14. LastDayOfMonth : Displays last day of month
  15. LastDayOfWeek : Displays last day of week
  16. MakeDate : used to create a date field
  17. MakeDateTime : Used to create a date and time field
  18. MakeTime: Used to create a time field
  19. Minute : Returns Minute from a time field
  20. Month : Returns Month from a date field
  21. Quarter : Returns Quarter from a date field
  22. Second : Returns seconds from a time field
  23. TimeDiff : Calculates time difference
  24. ToDate : Generates Date field
  25. ToDateTime : Generates Date and Time field
  26. ToTime : Generates time field
  27. Week : Returns week number from date field
  28. Year : Returns year from date field


  1. Contain : Checks string within string
  2. GroupValues : Groups values based on selection
  3. If-then-else : The very useful if-then-else statement
  4. IsNotNull : Returns Boolean value indicating the field does not contains null value
  5. IsNull : Returns Boolean value indicating of the field contains null value
  6. ToNumber : Coverts text to numeric
  7. ToText (length) : Converts numeric to text until decimal place
  8. ToText : Converts numeric to text


  1. Ceil :  Returns smallest integer greater than or equal to a number
  2. Floor : Returns largest integer not greater than a number
  3. Log : Natural logarithm
  4. Log10 : Base 10 logarithm
  5. Mod : Returns remainder
  6. Power : Raised to the power
  7. Round : Rounded to a specific decimal place
  8. Sign : Returns (-1) or (0) or (+1) depending on sign
  9. Truncate : Truncate to specific decimal place

Operator – mostly for Boolean inputs

  1. And : The AND operator
  2. Or : The OR operator
  3. Like : Used for wildcard filtering
  4. In : Checks if value is present in list
  5. Not :  Negative value of Boolean input

This is a quick guide that helps you search the list of functions in a glance. As you type in the characters, a drop down does appear with suggestions,

Cheat Sheet for Functions in SAP Lumira Discovery

A drop down is also available in the same order as listed above. You would be able to leverage a quick tutorial on the function and format in this option,

Cheat Sheet for Functions in SAP Lumira Discovery

NOTE : Every formula creates a new measure or dimension without disturbing the original field.

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