SAP Design Studio Tips & Tricks Series

Traditional dashboards tend to have selection panel(s) on the left or on the top. However with mobile dashboards every pixel is a luxury, and jQuery-like collapsible (or sliding) panels turn out to be an attractive option.

SAP Design Studio supports collapsible selectors that could be controlled through BIAL (BI Action Language) scripting. Consider the following application:

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SAP Design Studio Tips and Tricks

When the filter icon on the top-left is clicked, the selection panel slides in, and other controls resize to accommodate the pane. Clicking the filter icon again causes the panel to slide out.

SAP Design Studio Tips and Tricks

If you are considering migration from SAP Dashboards to SAP Design Studio, you should review the design principles rather than replicating the design used in SAP Dashboards. For example, it is not possible to design exactly similar collapsible panels in SAP Dashboards. This demonstrates that what worked for one tool (SAP Dashboards) may not work for another (SAP Design Studio).

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