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One of the biggest challenges faced by users dealing with multiple BI platforms is the synchronization of metadata between LDAP – BI Platforms – Portal. Here is a short list of crucial but frequently occurring activities that happen in LDAP and BI platforms and the effort involved in synchronizing those changes with BI Hub.

Automated synchronization - 1

As illustrated in the above table, all of these content changes happening in BI platforms and LDAP are synchronized with BI Hub automatically. This automated synchronization is not just for one or two but 7 BI platforms – SAP BOBJ, Tableau, TIBCO SpotFire, Microsoft PowerBI, QlikSense, Microsoft SSRS and Microstrategy. The existing enterprise BI portals in the market don’t do that.

Automated synchronization - 2

This ‘automatic synchronization of metadata between BI Hub, LDAP platform and BI platforms’ makes BI Hub the best enterprise BI portal in the market and better than any competing products.

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