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No SAP BI Platform here! Can I still use BI Hub?

Jan 9, 2018


One of the questions that we face from enterprises is, “We run multiple non-SAP BI platforms (ex: Tableau and Power BI). How is BI Hub beneficial to us?”

The questions have been ‘Tableau and Spotfire’ OR ‘PowerBI and Spotfire’ but the answer these enterprises seek from Visual BI is, how can BI Hub be beneficial to them if they don’t have any SAP BI platform.

Actually, all the salient features of BI Hub are available irrespective of whether the customer uses SAP BI or non-SAP BI platforms. It is made up of three layers – User Interface, Application and Agent and the agent layer handle communication between BI platforms and BI Hub.

No SAP BI Platform here! Can I still use BI Hub?

So, if a customer has only Tableau and Power BI, only those agents will be deployed in that customer environment to establish connectivity between BI Hub – Tableau – Power BI. The user interface and application layers remain intact in this scenario and hence all the features such as-

  • One Login and access to multiple BI platforms
  • Smart Search – identify accessible and not accessible reports
  • Auto Synchronization between BI Hub – BI platforms
  • Audit – Comprehensive analysis about usage of BI Hub
  • Security – Full integration between BI Hub and directory services
  • Personalization – Reorganize content from multiple platforms as per requirements
  • Minimal administration – Easy to set up and maintain.

are available in such a non-SAP BI platform landscape.

The video below shows such a deployment in which the user seamlessly switches between various non-SAP BI platforms.

Interested in a detailed demonstration or download of a trial version?? Visit us here.

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