Visual BI launches Dropdown Menu custom add-on for SAP Dashboards. Click here to view a demo.

Executives often ask for multiple views of the business in one dashboard. However, not all these KPIs or views may be related. For example, one of our customers required 20+ KPIs from various business functions to be displayed in a single dashboard. In such cases, the responsibility then falls on the dashboard designer to ensure that

  • The listing of KPIs themselves do not occupy too much space.
  • Any KPI can be navigated to in the least number of clicks.
  • Related KPIs are logically grouped for easy access & navigation.

An optimal solution

Dropdown Menu Custom Add-On Component for SAP Dashboards

Dropdown Menu Custom Add-On Component for SAP Dashboards

An optimal solution to use in this case is a menu bar, which would help the executive locate any KPI in a single click, irrespective of the business unit or functional area. This is now made possible by Visual BI’s Dropdown Menu custom add-on component for SAP Dashboards.

The dropdown menu can list the KPI categories in a single horizontal bar, with the KPIs themselves in sub menus. The menu mapping is also straightforward, with just two columns of data. Keeping up with the design trends, we have also kept the UI ‘flat’ for better appeal.

Dropdown Menu Custom Add-On Component for SAP Dashboards

Dropdown Menu – Underlying Source Data

A distinct KPI with no parent or child can also be accommodated (check the last menu item – CSAT -in the demo below). The component can also double up as a Label Menu (with no sub menus).

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