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The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tile is a very common requirement while designing dashboards. They’re very useful when you want to highlight an important measure for call to action. They’re simple, intuitive, informative and help identify potential situations that need immediate attention. So, how long does it take to create a KPI tile like this using TIBCO Spotfire?

KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire

To begin with, you need a Text-Area and a Calculated Value to display the measure. Then, you have to change the background-color of the text area and the title font. To change the font-color of the measure, you have to specify a rule in the calculated value. By the time you align the sub-text to where you need it, you would’ve spent quite a few minutes of your valuable time on something as simple as a colourful text-area with a number inside it.

At Visual BI, we have developed a custom visualization extension – KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire that will save you development time and has the following enhanced features:

  • Rule based alerts
  • Font customization
  • Icon
  • Background Image

Here is a screenshot of how it looks:

KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire

You can customize your KPI tile from the Properties tab, where you can change the text, expression to calculate the measure, sub-text and font for each of them.

KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire

In the ‘Data’ tab, you can choose the Data table for the measure and select the marking that will affect the measure. You can enable or disable filters for the measure.

KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire

We also have a separate tab called ‘Rule’ to specify the alert colors and values. When the measure value is between any range specified in this tab, the background color will change to the corresponding Alert color.

KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire

You can add a background image and an Icon to the tile by giving URL links to the pictures in the ‘Images’ tab

KPI Tile for TIBCO Spotfire

This extension gives the user more power to customize their KPI tile with features that are not available out-of-the-box in TIBCO Spotfire and it also considerably reduces the development time. Creating compelling and attractive dashboards will be quick and effortless if you use this extension.

Stay tuned to learn more about our gauge chart extension in our next blog.

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