A key feature of SAP Visual Intelligence 1.0.10 (currently SAP Lumira) is the ability to build custom charts or extensions. By default, Visual Intelligence 1.0.10 comes with two pre-developed extensions. But they are not enabled by default. We’ll now see how to enable them.

SAP Lumira Extensions – Part 1
SAP Lumira Extensions – They are not enabled by default

If you open your Visual Intelligence folder structure under C:Program FilesSAP Visual Intelligence, you would see quite a few items that were not available in the prior version (1.0.9). Specifically, under the Desktop folder, you would see chartExtensions, which is meant for Visual Intelligence Extensions. However this folder would be empty.

SAP Lumira Extensions – Part 1
SAP Lumira – Folder Structure

You would also see couple of items under the samples folder beneath Desktop (shown below) – viz.ext.flagbar, and viz.ext.samplesbar. These are the two prebuilt Visual Intelligence Extensions. Copy both these folders and drop them under Desktop/chartExtensions.

SAP Lumira Extensions – Part 1
SAP Lumira – Prebuilt extensions

Now restart Visual Intelligence. Go to File –> Preferences –> Chart Settings. Check the box against ‘Use HTML5 viewer?’.

SAP Lumira Extensions – Part 1
SAP Lumira – Enable HTML5 viewer

Now when you try to visualize a data set, you would see a new tab ‘E‘.

Drag and drop coordinates to see the Extension in action. We have used the Sample Bar Chart Extension, which is in fact a Trellis chart.

SAP Lumira Extensions – Part 1
SAP Lumira – Bar chart with Trellis

You can also explore the respective folders to understand how the file structure for extensions is configured. More on this soon…

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