Visual BI releases Tooltip Custom Add-On Component for SAP Dashboards. Click here to view the demo.

User Experience is one of the most important aspects of any software application. Same applies to dashboards! When you think of dashboards, you think of meaningful information to make informed decisions, at a glance. Real estate optimization becomes critical and it’s all about more information in less space! One such component that helps you achieve this is Visual BI’s ‘Tooltip’ component.

Chart mouse-overs let you know the exact data which you don’t find otherwise written on the chart. Similarly, it would be a great idea to add relevant information not shown explicitly as part of the visualization. This is where tooltip helps!

The tooltip component can be layered with any of the existing components. The ease of use and the embedded features and functionality is what makes this component stand out!

Advantages of Tooltip:

  • Can be used in conjunction with any existing components including images where tooltip is highly recommended
  • Additional information made easily available without utilization of extra dashboard space
  • Tooltip position can be set according to the layout of the existing visualization
  • Images can be embedded as tooltips
  • Reduces use of multiple components to achieve hovering effect for images

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