We are glad to introduce our new Product “Document Management System (DMS) for BI“.

Document Management System (DMS) is our brand new product, that caters to the need of the BI community. It fills up the gaps on the following areas, thereby helping Basis (IT Team):

  • Version Management (Comparison, Reverting, Backup)
  • Scheduling
  • Smart Triggers
  • Documentation of your BI Reports
  • Extensive support for different BI platforms
  • User portal service for scheduled snapshots

Basically, it simplifies the workflow for the IT Basis team, as it supports multiple servers and platforms on a single portal.

Document Management System (DMS) for BI


Server Management:

Document Management System (DMS) for BI


By configuring multiple servers with relevant configurations, the user can control all the BI servers in a single place.


Project Management:

Basis team can select individual BI reports or recursive set of reports part of the folder, as part of the project. It helps grouping BI reports based on functional categorizations.

Document Management System (DMS) for BI


Schedule Management:

Basis team can create different schedules for an individual project, based on the need of the hour and also set expiry dates for the same.

Document Management System (DMS) for BI



Document Management System (DMS) for BI


As part of the search feature, DMS helps in locating any BI report from different servers by conducting a universal search through the metadata. Also, it allows users to edit multiple BI reports from a single place without the added effort of having to go back to the respective BI tools.




The above is the sample output of the documentation of a Report from SAP Lumira Designer.


User Portal Service:

End users of BI portals can use this service for scheduling BI reports as Snapshot on a custom schedule like an email. It also works like a bot, which can be triggered at any time by just sending an email to the service.

For VBX customers, the service extensively allows the below set of features:

  1. Conditional Formatting based trigger
  2. Defining filter for data on predefined format
  3. Triggering Global Script of the BI Dashboard

Document Management System (DMS) for BI


All these configurations help users on getting customized snapshots meant for their user role on the BI platform.

We are looking forward to your feedback on our new Product. This is just the beginning of our upcoming products portfolio with lots of enhancements coming in every quarter. Stay tuned for more details on these enhancements in the coming months.

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