We at Visual BI are proud to announce our latest version of Visual BI Extensions (aka VBX) for SAP Lumira Designer – VBX 2.32, with many new features.

In case you missed the previous Visual Bi Extension (VBX) release highlights, please refer to the below links:

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The following is a quick summary of all the new components and features that cover some of the most requested enhancements:




1) New Chart Types – 

  • Sunburst Chart: This type of visualization shows hierarchy through a series of rings, that is sliced for each category node. Each ring corresponds to a level in the hierarchy, with the central circle representing the root node and the hierarchy moving outwards from it. The sunburst chart is ideal for displaying hierarchical data where each group (hierarchy) is represented by a different color.                                                What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


  • Stacked Waterfall: To support additional use cases of Waterfall Chart, the Stacked Waterfall Chart option has been added. While seeming similar to the regular Waterfall Chart, it also breaks down each bar into smaller components. For example, you may want to see how each product category split across various regions contributes to the company’s performance. What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


2) New Chart Features – 

  • German Language support – Users can now switch between German and English language for the VBX additional property sheet.                                                                                 What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


  • Online and Offline Mode for property sheet – You can now avoid component reloading while editing the additional property sheet by activating the offline mode. With the offline mode, you could complete making all the changes and then sync these changes in the end.                                       What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


  • Custom Context Menu for Charts – In addition to the predefine context menu, users can now add their own functions to the context menu to cater to their end users’ needs. What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


  • Dynamically set plot line and plot bands – the following set of scripting APIs have been added to set the plot line and plot bands dynamically for all the Bar and Line family charts, supporting the plot lines and plot bands. What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32




1) ESRI Map

As part of the latest release, we added a new map type, ESRI Map, which supports both a flat map, as well as a 3D revolving globe. Along with the standard features, as seen in Location Analyzer and the Heat/Bubble map, the ESRI Map provides some additional features like:

  • Additional Map Layer- Feature layer (50+ prebuilt GeoJson regions with user data)
  • Auto Rotate feature for the 3D Revolving globe
  • Pinpoint your current location on the map
  • Runtime Base Layer and Map layer selection
  • Search address/ place widget


2) Indoor Analyzer

Indoor Analyzer, one of the most requested components, has also been added in this new release. Customers can now configure the “Indoor Map” by uploading their own base map image and creating areas on this image in the form of shapes. These shapes or areas on the images can then be bound with the existing data by using either longitude/latitude values or X / Y coordinates.

The Indoor Analyzer provides the following three options:

  • Create Base Map layers which can be utilized as source layers for the GeoJSON, Choropleth and Heat Map Integrations.
  • Leverage a custom Base map (e.g. a shop floor plan, mall, aiports, etc…) and assign data towards the map using our GeoJSON and Choropleth integration.
  • Leverage a custom Base map and provide the ability to create heat maps using actual X and Y coordinates.






1) New Features for Advanced Table

  • Custom Context Menu for Table – Like the charts, the custom context menu has also been added to the Advanced Table as well. What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


  • Boolean option for Table – The Boolean option available as part of conditional formatting options has been enhanced to support both positive and negative coloring. What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


  • New scripting options for Table– A couple of new scripting options have been added to Advanced Table using the DSXSetTableApi(). Following are the options available:
    • SetColumnVisible() – To show/hide the column.
    • SetColumnPinned() – To set the column pinned.
    • MoveColumn() – To move the column to the specified index.
    • SizeColumnsToFit() – To specify the width to be applied to all the columns.
    • MoveColumnByIndex() – To select the column by index
    • and move the column to the specified index.
    • SetQuickFilter() – To search the value.
    • AutoSizeColumn() – To set the column to be autosized.
    • AutoSizeColumns() – To set the array of columns to be autosized.
    • ExportDataAsCsv() – To export the Table as CSV file.
    • ExportDataAsExcel() – To export the Table as Excel file.
    • CollapseAll() – To collapse all the members in the Dimensions.
    • ExpandAll() – To expand all the members in the Dimensions.
    • SetHeaderHeight() – To set the height for all the Headers.
    • ShowToolPanel() – To show/hide the Tool Panel.
    • DeselectAll() – To deselect all the elements.
    • SelectAll() – To select all the elements.
    • PivotMode()– To show/hide the pivot-mode.
    • SetColumnWidth() – To set the column width.
    • DestroyFilter() – To remove the filter.


  • Table Template – You can now customize the Advanced Table using the custom theme option under the Table Theme Tab. This predefined Custom Theme code, a JSON File, can be further customized to suit end-user needs. What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32 For other VBX Advance Table feature enhancements please refer to this blog on 10 New Enhancements in VBX Advanced Table for SAP Lumira Designer


2) Advanced Label support for the Self-service component creation

We have enhanced our Advanced Label component with this “advanced feature”, which allows a business user to create their favorite visualization components on the fly. Users can now slice and dice the data and create visualizations as they like by just typing in the dimensions and chart type by which they would like to visualize.

What’s-new-Visual-BI-Extensions-VBX 2.32


Stay tuned for more updates coming your way in the upcoming release for Visual BI extensions (VBX). If you would like to discuss any use cases for a new component or enhancement suggestions for an existing component, please reach out to us here.

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