This is part of the Tooltip and Data Label Customization blog series.

Can Tooltips be customized in SAP Lumira Designer/Design Studio?

The answer is Yes!

Tooltips are information display panels which are visible on hovering your pointer over one or more data points in your visualization. They are an elegant way of providing more contextual information and details of data point. They have high business value as they provide a quick snapshot of data without the user having to drill through to get to the information .

We have listed the 5 most common use cases for tooltip customization using Visual BI Extensions (VBX), These not only make the tooltips visually appealing but also dynamic based on the data point being viewed.

Totals in a Table

The most common requirement for users while using the stacked charts (area, bar and column) is the ability to view the totals and the contribution made by each of those elements towards the totals, which the out of box chart fail to provide .

From the example below, one can not only infer about the total sales but also the contribution made by each of the sales representatives towards the totals in a nice tabular format, giving it a clean and crisp look and leaves little room for guesswork and allows the user to focus on the visualization than the scaling.


Percentages and Totals

Building on the use case above, percentage contribution is another oft requested feature as well

A typical use case could be a Sales manager of a region wanting to know the Sales contribution made by each of the Sales Rep in his region. Now by just hovering over a particular time frame one can not only infer the $ Sales contribution, but also the percentage contribution made by each of the them. Thus, making it more informative for business to make the right decisions.

Custom Tooltip in SAP Design Studio/ Lumira Designer

Tooltip with Images

An image reinforces the data when presented in the right context. Sometimes when a company has multiple SKUs which are variants, an image as a tooltip comes handy to reinforce the information being displayed.

Imagine a regional manager trying to analyze revenue by products in a retail company. For someone viewing revenue by hundreds of SKUs, it would be hard for him to relate. One simpler way of doing this is by having images along with the product names and necessary information in tooltip. So, if you were a regional Manager or Sales Rep responsible for a product group, it would become a lot easier to relate to the product.

To illustrate this use case, we have built a column chart showcasing the customized tooltip in SAP Lumira Designer (formerly known as SAP Design Studio) using Visual BI extensions (VBX). You will notice that by inserting images within tooltip made it intuitive for the user to comprehend the information easily since images is something that the user can relate to easily.

Custom Tooltip in SAP Design Studio/ Lumira Designer


Shared tooltip with conditional formatting

Conditional formatting helps drive attention towards the problem area. As shown in the below example, conditional formatting has been applied to highlight the Actual Sales using the custom theme property in VBX.

The months where Actual Sales was less than PY Sales are highlighted in red and others in green. Also notice that with the help of Shared Tooltip property, values of multiple series can be displayed together in a tooltip on hovering over a data point.

Custom Tooltip in SAP Design Studio/ Lumira Designer


 Tooltip with additional measures

Quite often we come across a situation of having the tooltip show more information than the data point’s value and category. In such cases, customizing tooltips would be useful, and would provide additional context and information for users viewing the visual. The Visual BI extensions (VBX) for SAP design Studio/Lumira Designer gives one the flexibility to create calculated measures to enhance the information display.

In the following example, Variance and Variance % are calculated measures been created using the custom theme property of our extensions. Also notice that conditional formatting further highlights the fact whether there has been a growth or drop in sales as compared to previous period.

Variance = MTD Actual – MTD PY Actual

Variance % = (MTD Actual – MTD PY Actual) / MTD PY Actual  *100

Custom Tooltip in SAP Design Studio/ Lumira Designer


For more information on Tooltip Customization in SAP Lumira Design/ Design Studio please refer – Displaying Multiple Measures in a Tooltip


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