We are excited to give you a sneak peek into the upcoming version of our Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira.

In case you are not familiar with our Extensions yet, you can find some introduction material here VBX Extensions. Our Extensions are grouped into five main categories: Charts, Maps, Speciality, Utilities, Selectors

This month we will be releasing the new version VBX 2.4 and this blog offers you a preview of its highlights:


1. Charts

With this release, we are adding lots of new Charting capabilities, some of them are listed below:


Pyramid Chart



Activity Gauge



Lolli-Pop Chart



Dot Plot Chart


2. Maps

The tooltip in the Marker Layer of the ESRI Map can be configured to show any VBX chart with the column dimensions and z-axis measures.



3. Specialty

Analytics: Presenting a new way to observe the usage of your Dashboards by different groups in your organization. This provides insights into how your dashboard is being consumed. It will be critical in improving your dashboard design.

Gantt Chart Enhancements: We have brought lots of new enhancements on top of the Gantt Chart, now you can define conditional formatting based on different levels of your data and bring it as part of the table.


4. Utilities

VBX Theme: All the VBX components align with Lumira Application theme and change the application look and feel at par with the Lumira Theme. Just by changing the theme we can alter look and feel of the application, with no added effort.


Dashboard before transformation


Here you can see how the same dashboard transforms to give a radical look and feel using the VBX Theme.


Dashboard after transformation


We are looking forward to your feedback on our latest release. As you can see, there are several new additional options that we are providing for SAP Lumira Designer 2.2 as well as SAP Lumira Designer 2.3. Do note that this is just the “beginning” of our upcoming Roadmap with a lot of enhancements coming every quarter – so stay tuned for more details on these enhancements and a lot more enhancements in the coming months.


Know more about VBI Extensions (VBX) for SAP Lumira designer here.

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