Frequently Asked Questions

Discover ways to use VBI View like never before.

I have only SAP BOBJ environment. How is VBI View beneficial to me?
  • Report metadata – Ability to create metadata such as description, tags, last refresh date time, data source, data provider etc., and gain a better functional and technical understanding of the reports.
  • Smart Search – Users can run a search for ‘Not Accessible’ reports and get access to the same. This mitigates duplicate reports and time and cost involved in development of those duplicate reports.
  • Compared to other enterprise portals in the market, VBI View is easy to integrate with Directory service and all BOBJ platforms.
  • Changes to user-reports authorizations, Addition/Deletion of users/reports to the various BOBJ platforms (WebI, Lumira Designer, Crystal etc., ) are automatically propagated to VBI View. No manual intervention necessary
I have only non SAP tools such as Tableau, Qlik Sense, PowerBI, SpotFire, SSRS. - Can I still use VBI View?
  • VBI View can be used to launch reports created in non SAP BI platforms such as Tableau, QlikSense, SSRS, SpotFire etc., in one page.
  • All features of VBI View such as Smart Search, Metadata repository, Audit module etc., are available in non SAP BI environments as well.
  • VBI View supports Native or directory-service based authentication for non SAP BI platforms users.
  • VBI View seamlessly integrates with non SAP BI platforms even if the user names are different across these platforms.
How are password changes in BI platforms or directory service synchronized with VBI View?
  • VBI View uses a trust based integration with all BI platforms
  • User passwords are NOT stored in VBI View and so there is no need for synchronization
  • Even if user passwords are modified in directory service or BI platforms, user can continue to login in VBI View and be authenticated by directory service or BI platform without having to enter the ‘new’ password
BOBJ users in my organization are authenticated by SAP BW / SAP HANA. Given that scenario, how will VBI View users be authenticated successfully and launch reports?

VBI View launches BOBJ reports utilizing the same authentication/authorization mechanism used by BI Launchpad. So, if the report is accessible through BI Launchpad it will also be accessible by VBI View

Can I access My Favorites in BOBJ using VBI View?

Yes, VBI View can be used to access My Favorites in SAP BusinessObjects

Can I launch VBI View in iPad?

Yes, VBI View can be used in iPad but not on smart phones. The product is limited by the responsive UI capabilities of the individual BI platforms and tools

How is this tool licensed? What is the upgrade/maintenance strategy?
  • 15-day free trial period is available.
  • With VBI View, you get a simple, one-time, all-inclusive pricing for all BI Users. There is NO per-user licensing. There is also no extra charge for installing on Sandbox, Development, and QA instances.
  • Annual Support and Maintenance is 20% of license fee and will be due and invoiced annually including first year.

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