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While innovation is an integral part of Visual BI’s culture, we adopt a more formal and structured approach to BI & Analytics Innovation. In our Innovation Lab, we aim to build market-ready analytic solutions in dynamic and emerging technology areas. The Innovation Lab is built considering the global demand for big data and predictive analytics solutions.

Through the rapid prototyping of solutions and knowledge sharing, we support the organization and our customers with the understanding and application of new technologies to their businesses. We work collaboratively across our core segments to identify, de-risk, and activate future-ready opportunities in BI and emerging technologies.

Our Innovation Lab fulfills all Enterprise needs by offering a ready infrastructure with access to cutting-edge innovations from technology partners such as  Snowflake, Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform, SAP, TableauQlik, dbt, Looker, Alteryx, Fivetran, HVR.


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Leverage Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Shown here is a high-level view of our BI Innovation Lab Architecture Landscape, with recent innovations from technology and BI vendors.

Leverage our infrastructure to pilot any custom solution that you need.

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Drive Low-Cost PoCs

You can leverage our Innovation Lab to drive PoCs such as the following:

  • Experience Modern Cloud Datawarehouse & BI platforms such as Snowflake, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and SAP Cloud
  • Explore Data discovery, Self-service BI & Analytics with Power BI, Tableau, and SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Modernize your data engineering platform by exploring best-in-class solutions such as dbt, HVR, Fivetran, Alteryx Azure Data factory, and Databricks.

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 Our Partners


Visual BI Solutions - Our Partners - SAP, MongoDB, TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau

Tap into our network of BI Experts

If you are encountering one or more of the following scenarios, do get in touch with our network of BI experts. We would leverage our Innovation Lab expertise to help you get to your answer(s).

  • You are embarking on a new BI initiative and would like to drive a PoC or a Pilot
  • You have already invested in a recent innovation, but do not have the internal know-how
  • You already have something operational in Production, but you would like to explore a better architecture offline
  • You see people raving about a new innovation in the market, and you would like to check it out for real

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