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DW, BI & Analytics on the Cloud (KMG Chemicals)
A bleeding edge 13-week implementation of SAP HANA EDW on SAP Cloud Platform(SCP)
Transformational BI & Analytics (Precision Drilling)
Empowering business to make better decisions using BI & Analytics
Instant On-the-fly BI Application
Build your own custom BI application on the fly. Developed using SAP Lumira Designer.
A Full-blown Explorer Application
Perform free-form exploration, navigation & analysis to identify business insights
Sales Performance
A simple yet powerful sales performance application
Daily Sales on iPhone
The ONE phone app executives need to capture sales insights for the previous day
A single view sales application
A lightweight but powerful single-view application to deliver performance insights
Spend by GL Hierarchy
Slice & dice spend by multi-level GL hierarchy & time, with data coming from SAP HANA
Accounts Payable Analytics
Leveraging an innovative slider design that can be used for any analytic application
Writeback-enabled Integrated Planning
Can SAP Lumira write back data? Sure. Here is how.
P&L Simulator
A classic. Project P&L for future periods by modifying key drivers.
HR Analytics
Track key HR metrics including headcount, hiring, retention and more.
CIO Analytics using Maps
Deliver location analytics to business executives & decision makers
An Innovative CXO Launchpad
BI launchpad for CXOs providing 360 degree view of business performance
CXO Scorecard on iPhone
Another superhit - a tile-based, responsive scorecard for CXOs.
Commentary using Web Intelligence
Various commenting options using SAP Web Intelligence.
Environment Health & Safety (EHS)
Another innovative design that is hard to replicate with typical analytics tools
Spend Analytics Solution
A full-blown spend analytics solution providing a 360-degree view of spend
Sales Analytics Solution
A full-blown sales analytics solution providing a 360-degree view of sales
Accounts Receivables (AR) Analytics
A full-blown Accounts Receivables Analytics solution for enterprises
Accounts Payables (AP) Analytics
A full-blown & interactive Accounts Payables analytics solution
Earnings Per Share Demo
An innovative solution that blends elements from income statement & balance sheet
Personal Finance Demo
A demonstration of value driver tree capabilities using a common use case
Customer Success Story (PanAust)
Learn how PanAust implemented a value driver tree with 1400+ nodes
BI Hub - Overview
Manage multiple BI platforms effectively using BI Hub
Using Pivot Mode on Tables
Leverage excel-like pivot capabilities using our Advanced Table from VBX
VBX Utilities - Advanced KPI Tiles
Capitalize on multiple ready-to use, pre-designed KPI tile layouts from VBX
VBX - Hierarchical Filter
Filter hierarchical data from SAP BW & HANA using VBX
VBX - Data Utility
Deliver enhanced performance by reusing existing connections using Data Utility
VBX Specialty Charts - Gantt Chart
Track program status & milestones using VBX Gantt Chart
VBX Listbox
Leverage alert-driven interactive list box from VBX
VBX Charts - Trellis Chart
Deliver trellis (a.k.a small multiple) capabilities using VBX Extensions
VBX Utilities - Responsive UI
One design that delivers the best desktop + mobile experience
VBX Utilities - Advanced Table
Leverage Advanced Table capabilities using VBX Extensions
VBX Charts - Waterfall Chart Enhancements
Our newest feature enhancements in VBX waterfall chart
VBX Charts - Stylesheets – New features
Our newest feature enhancements for stylesheets in VBX
VBX Selectors - Facet Filter – New features
Our newest feature enhancements in VBX facet filter
VBX Charts - Custom data label & tooltip - New features
New data label and tooltip enhancements in VBX extensions
VBX - Using Web Service as Data Source
Leverage web service as a data source for SAP Lumira applications
VBX Charts - Context menu - New features
New feature enhancements in VBX context menu for charts
Open Document Integration in Maps
Leveraging Open Document Integration in VBX maps
VBX Export Options
Leveraging various export options using VBX extensions
Drill down using VBX Maps
Leverage drill down capabilities in VBX maps
VBX Chart Conditional Formatting
Leverage extensive conditional formatting capabilities in VBX charts
VBX Excel as Data Source
Leverage excel files as a data source in SAP Lumira Designer
VBX Facet Filter
Leverage Facet Filter in SAP Lumira Designer using VBX Extensions
VBX Charts Color Assignment
Learn how to assign colors to data series in charts
VBX Time Period Selector
Slice & dice time periods using our patented VBX period selector
VBX Drill Down Charts
Leverage interactive & intuitive drill down charts in SAP Lumira Designer
Oil & Gas Dashboard
Our Oil and Gas scorecard brings together information used in measuring production effectiveness across established benchmarks.
Planner at a Glance
Our Planner at a Glance provides Microsoft planner customers a new and different way to review status of tasks and assignments.
SAP Analytics Cloud - Digital Boardroom
SAP Digital Boardroom for Upstream Oil & Gas solution. Key features : Rapid go to Market, Customizable KPIs, Bring Your Own Data (BYOD)
Visual BI Lens
Visual BI Lens provides an in-depth view of your Office 365 Power BI activities across workspaces, dashboards, reports and users.
Creating Your First Value Driver Model
Learn how you can create your first Value Driver Model in in Less Than 5 minutes
Downloading and Installing ValQ
Find out how you can download and install ValQ for Microsoft Power BI in this quick 1-minute video
Sales and Distribution Analytics
Accounts Receivable and Cashflow Analytics

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