Decoding SAP’s BI & Analytics Strategy and Statement of Direction

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Decoding SAP’s BI & Analytics Strategy and Statement of Direction

59 minutes

October 21, 2019

Gopal Krishnamurthy

Short Description
In Sep 2019, SAP announced its new BI & Analytics strategy and Statement of Direction.  In this webinar, Visual BI will dwell deep into this Statement of Direction, what this announcement means to you, it’s potential impact to your landscape and existing investments, and how to plan your BI and Analytics Initiatives for 2020.

We will specifically address topics such as sunset timelines / end of life for products such as SAP BW & SAP Business Objects, hybrid BI options, planning the migration paths, and more. Tune into this webinar and learn about:

  1. Data Warehousing Strategy – Impact of SAP Datawarehouse Cloud with Regard to SAP BW, SAP HANA EE and SAP BW4HANA
  2. What SAP’s Analytics Strategy and their new Statement of Direction (SOD) means to you
  3. Is SAP Business Objects Dead? Should we consider planning for SAP BI 4.3 upgrade?
  4. Future of SAP Lumira Designer
  5. Role of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) in all these changes and whether SAC is ready for it
  6. Strategic thoughts on navigating sharp turns  with SAP BI & Analytics Roadmaps

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