VBX Maps – An Overview

Deliver location intelligence using VBX Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer. The suite comes with 200+ cartographic & street-level mapping options.

A table of value-added features delivered by VBX Maps is provided below.

Feature Highlights

Mapping FeaturesSAP®VBX
400+ “Out of Box” Regional Maps (Continents,
Countries, Regions...)
Support for Full Address Details
Support for Z-axis
Multi-Level Drill Down
Layers: Flow, heat
Define Filter per Layer
Integration with OpenDoc URL **
Conditional Formatting
Tooltip and Data label customization
30+ base map layers
Layers: Marker, Choropleth, Cluster and Bubble
Support for Geo JSON Custom Maps
Lasso Selection Support for Multiple Markers
Visualizations on Maps
Indoor Analyzer NEW!

** Partially supported by SAP

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Location Analyzer - Clusters - SAP Lumira Designer

Location Analyzer – Clusters

Location Analyzer - Markers - SAP Lumira Designer

Location Analyzer – Markers

Location Analyzer - Street View - SAP Lumira Designer

Location Analyzer – Street View

Location Analyzer - Heat Layers - SAP Lumira Designer Extensions

Location Analyzer – Heat Layers

Heat Map - SAP Lumira Designer Extensions

Heat Map

Bubble Map - SAP Lumira Designer

Bubble Map

ESRI Choropleth Layer - SAP Lumira Designer

ESRI Choropleth Layer

ESRI Feature Layer - SAP Lumira Designer

ESRI Feature Layer

ESRI Marker Layer - SAP Lumira Designer Extensions

ESRI Marker Layer

Indoor Analyzer Choropleth Layer - SAP Lumira Designer

Indoor Analyzer Choropleth Layer

Indoor Analyzer GeoJSON Layer - SAP Lumira Designer

Indoor Analyzer GeoJSON Layer

Indoor Analyzer Heat Layer - SAP Lumira Designer

Indoor Analyzer Heat Layer

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