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VBX Selectors – An Overview

VBX delivers a powerful set of patented selectors for intuitive filtering and slice-and-dice analysis.

The list of components and features delivered is highlighted in the tables below.


Period Selector(YQM-Single,YQM-Multiple,
Dynamic Grid
Advanced Combobox & Listbox
• Integrated search and display configurations
• Configure target data sources without any scripting
• Alerting capabilities
Range Slider
• Single & Dual Value Slider
• Horizontal / Vertical orientation
• Advanced Conditional Formatting
Facet Filter
• Multiple visual representation options:
Checkbox, Radio Button and Listbox
• Support SAP BW and SAP HANA hierarchies
• Intuitive Navigation coloring
Hierarchical Filter **
• Support SAP BW and SAP HANA hierarchies
Time Slicer NEW!
** Partially supported by SAP

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Period Selector YQM Multi-Select

Period Selector YQM

Period Selector YM

Dynamic Grid

Hierarchical Filter

Combo Box

Facet Filter

List Box

Peroid Selector DWM

Range Slicer

Time Slicer

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