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SAP Lumira Discovery helps connect people with data by empowering users with easy self-service access to data discovery capabilities. It lets users acquire, manipulate and visualize any data in a few easy steps using its drag and drop interface, and also allows you to extend the power of this data discovery process by allowing data and visualizations to be shared in the cloud.

At Visual BI our experts can help you embark on your data discovery journey through our end-to-end SAP Lumira Discovery Services.

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Tableau vs. Power BI vs. SAP Analytics Cloud vs. SAP Lumira - A Deep Dive

Tableau vs. Power BI vs. SAP Analytics Cloud vs. SAP Lumira – A Deep Dive

Duration: 58 mins

Watch the webinar that evaluates Self Service BI options from SAP, Microsoft and Tableau. Provides a strategic and tactical comparison across tool features & functions.

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