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SAP Lumira 2.2 Offerings

SAP Lumira Designer Services

With SAP Lumira Designer dashboards becoming mainstream, executives now have access to an enterprise-class, scalable, and high-performance platform that renders rich and powerful visualizations.

SAP Lumira Discovery Services

Among the tools in the SAP BI portfolio, SAP Lumira Discovery is the only tool that can handle all the five aspects of Self Service BI – covering data acquisition, preparation, visualization, exploration & collaboration.

VBX Extensions

Unlock the full potential of SAP Lumira Designer

Visual BI’s extensions (VBX) for SAP Lumira Designer enhances return on BI investments by delivering a powerful range of capabilities to executives and decision makers.

The product consists of several components that fall into one of the following categories: Charts, Maps, Selectors, and Utilities.

Trainings & Workshops

Are you looking to enhance the BI competency & skills of your BI Developers and Power Users? Look no further.

Visual BI has a strong track record in delivering Training & Workshop sessions for both SAP Lumira Designer and SAP Lumira Discovery

Quick Start – SAP Lumira Designer

Building great dashboards starts with an understanding of users’ needs. The right understanding helps build a strong storyboard with the right visualization choices to deliver a compelling user experience. Our experts can help you address all these, so that you can launch your first executive application using SAP Lumira Designer.

SAP Lumira 2.2 Migration

Visual BI has a proven track record in assisting customers migrate existing dashboards and visualizations to SAP Lumira Designer. As part of migration, we have helped enterprises retire tools such as Qlikview, consolidate existing Xcelsius dashboards, and delivered 20-40x performance gains.

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