Agile BI

Agile Business Intelligence (BI) refers to a flexible and dynamic BI Architecture, which can quickly adapt itself to changing business needs. The characteristics of Agile BI include:

  • Flexibility of Architecture – In the case of SAP BI, a Composite SAP HANA + BW Architecture that can support any need
  • Rapid Response Times – You do not have to wait for three months to get the report you need
  • Scalable & Dynamic Team Structure – A highly responsive and dynamic team whose composition changes according to the imminent need, and scales up or down as required to manage costs and ensure responsiveness
  • Extended Capability of BI Investments – An architecture that ensures that you are not limited by the capabilities of your BI product vendors. We ensure this through certified extensions to SAP products
  • Agile project management – with continuous planning, execution, and feedback cycles

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Discovery Process

Top-down approach  that ensures executives get what they need

Agile Project Management

Agile project management to address evolving requirements

Diamond Delivery Model

Flexible and scalable team composition to enhance BI agility

Custom Extensions

Leverage custom product extensions to drive agility through simplicity

Right Tool For Right Choice

Drive agility by choosing the right tool & integration architecture

Agile EDW

Empower your BI to handle volume, complexity and variety with velocity

1. Discovery Process

Our proven Discovery Process for driving rapid BI implementation ensures the following

  • A top-down methodology ensures that business sponsors get to see the BI storyboards before the implementation commences. This ensures that they get what they need, and avoids rework due to misaligned expectations
  • 360 degree view (internal/external/competitive/industry best practices) of KPIs for driving better decisions by the executives

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2. Agile Delivery

While Agile SCRUM is not a prerequisite for Agile BI, it offers a lot of benefits including Agile delivery.

  • Planning is done at the beginning of each sprint, rather than once
  • “Lessons learnt” sessions are done for each sprint, not just at the end of the project
  • Suits evolving and dynamic needs and drives flexibility in response
  • Leads to active customer engagement that rules out gaps in expectations usually found much later

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3. Diamond Delivery Model

Our proven Diamond Delivery Model is a key ingredient behind successful Agile BI enablement.

Unlike the widely adopted ‘pyramid’ model of team composition, we leverage a ‘diamond’ structure with value pricing to ensure that customers are assured of successful BI delivery. This model leverages a selection of market-leading BI experts, supported by an agile team of well-experienced mid-level BI consultants and design experts. These experts manage onsite communication and solution architecture. This heavier proportion of mid-level consultants ensures that customers don’t experience typical challenges attributed to remote delivery.

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Extensions for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

4. BI Product Extensions For Agile BI

Many customers get bogged down by technical and architectural limitations of their BI investments. For example, quite a few of the visualization tools do not offer some of the most sought features – such as the ability to print or export data into XLS, PDF or PPT formats. The teams end up implementing workarounds or exploring alternatives, or worse, introduce another tool to the already bloated stack.

Visual BI drives and maintains Agile BI by driving additional capabilities through certified custom extensions. We have developed over 40 custom add-ons for SAP Dashboards / Xcelsius, and an even wider array of Extensions for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio. These extensions are driven by some of the most demanded (but nonexistent) features, functions  and BI tools.

Leverage Product Extensions to drive Agile BI

5. Enhance Agility Through SAP HANA

You can drive the agility of BI Infrastructure using one or more of the following where IT can respond to business needs much faster.

  • BW 7.4 on HANA
  • HANA Live
  • Enterprise HANA

The best agility is achieved when all three are implemented in a way where benefits compound and complement each other. Our BI Experts can show you how.

Leverage Composite HANA EDW For Agile BI  

6. Right Tool For The Right Choice

Enterprise BW platforms today provide a variety of options for data modeling, integration, discovery and delivery. When it comes to visualization tools, the options are even greater. It is imperative for BI developers to leverage the right tools and integration architecture to avoid locking themselves in when needs change in the future. For example, ‘what-if’ scenario analyses are not supported by all the tools.

In the SAP world, there are experts and consulting firms with a heavier degree of expertise in either SAP BW or SAP BusinessObjects (with much less exposure to the other). When it comes to integrating both, this may result in an architecture that is poorly integrated, outdated or suboptimal, which will effect BI agility and responsiveness.

Visual BI’s experts bring highly in-depth expertise in all these areas, and can help you identify the right tool and right integration architecture. This ensures that your BI remains highly agile, flexible and scalable in delivering what your users need.

Leverage The Right Tool For The Right Choice

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