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Most enterprise BI teams are good at managing routine tasks using a narrow subset of BI tools. When it comes to embracing newer BI technologies & innovations, organizations are often constrained by the skill limitations of their teams. BI Managed Services helps you address these limitations. View our brochure to learn more.

Overcome skill limitations of your BI team

Utilize the best tools & innovations to serve your business

Acquire End-to-End BI Capability

Assure your executives that your team has the chops to deliver

Deliver on innovative PoCs

Keep exploring newer innovations  with one agile BI team

Why BI Managed Services?

Consider how you manage scenarios such as these today. With BI Managed Services, you would be equipped to handle occasional as well as dynamic ongoing needs.

A CEO Requirement

Your CEO suddenly mandates to deliver mobile dashboards in 12 weeks. ‘No’ is not an option and you are beginning to scramble for strategy and talent, as you need to get it right the first time.

Seasonal Demands

Your business volumes peak in Q4 every year, due to which you have the added responsibility of identifying and on-boarding BI talent seasonally. But this is a burden on your already stretched bandwidth.

Leftover YE Budget

In Q4, you have some leftover budget for a Proof-Of-Concept but no bandwidth or capability for execution.

Competency Gap

You often keep going back to the same couple of reporting tools (e.g. Web Intelligence) as your BI team does not have the competency to handle and support other toolsets (e.g. Analysis For Office, SAP Design Studio)

Innovation Gap

You would like to explore a new SAP BI tool, but setting up the infrastructure alone is not worth the time. (With BI Managed Services, you would have access to Visual BI’s Innovation Lab in Carrollton, TX for quick exploration and PoCs)

An Onboarded Executive

A new senior executive demands toolsets that were successfully leveraged in the previous organization. Your organization has never tested the tool, and you fear that it would add more complexity and overhead to your already stretched team.

Visual BI’s managed services team is a capable extension of our team who can deliver not only daily support to keep the lights on but is creative enough to quickly deliver proof of concept reporting solutions so our customers can visualize the art of the possible.

Associate Director, Enterprise Information Management

A Food & Nutrition Manufacturer

Visual BI has been a great partner to work with on several SAP implementations. They demonstrated the ability to develop and implement a BI and reporting strategy on the latest platforms including SAP BW and Suite on HANA. The team members are professional and highly knowledgeable in their areas. We feel we have the right partner who can develop and deliver insightful reports to our executives and internal customers.

IT Director

A Retail Major


Our Customer Success Stories

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Enabled business outcomes for multiple functions including retail, finance, logistics, sales and warehouse operations


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Managed end-to-end needs ranging from BI strategy, implementation, operations, support and ad-hoc needs


BI Managed Services For A Global Food Manufacturer

Worked as a virtual extension of customer’s BI team and led multiple initiatives

Embrace BI Managed Services, One Step At A Time

BI Managed Services is a simple evolutionary step and yet it can drastically reduce the complexity of managing BI. It is not a complex undertaking that requires a large budget, for Visual BI has set up managed services with team size as small as four (4) members.

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