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Modern BI & Analytics

Experience the power of data with Modern BI & Analytics plaforms

What We Do

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Quickly clean, combine, and analyze complex data sets

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Create intuitive and highly visual data



Customize metrics, data, and KPIs just for you



Make better decisions with the right reports

Visual BI Transformation from SAP BI to Modern BI Stack

Evaluate and Harness capabilities of top BI & Analytics platforms/tools.

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Master your analytics journey with Visual BI. We would be happy to demonstrate the full potential of our modern BI and dashboard journey in a personal demo. Our BI experts will give you valuable insights into the different projects we have implemented and focus the demo on your business needs.

Our experts can help you with the following:

  • Enable everyone within the company to generate actionable insights with self-service analytics
  • Develop data-driven workflows and decision making to increase organizational efficiency
  • Reduce manual tasks to a minimum and get faster & accurate answers to urgent business questions
  • Enjoy a scalable solution with reliable access from anywhere, every time, from any device

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Featured Webinars

Expanding the Capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud with Application Design

SAC Application Design provides the ability to build more powerful applications on the cloud through advanced scripting capabilities. In this webinar replay, we will be focusing on the major features of Application Design and how it would add value to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Enterprise Self-Service BI Strategy & Assessment (Tableau Vs Power BI Vs SAP Analytics Cloud)

After we compared prominent Self-Service BI tools to Traditional BI tools last year, we are back with the latest edition of the webinar where we evaluate and analyze Self-Service BI players in the market, namely, Tableau Vs Microsoft Power BI Vs SAP Analytics Cloud and share new and updated findings based on the most recent releases.

Power BI with SAP Integration – BW / HANA

 In this webinar, we will be walking you through the various connectors present in Power BI when we want to connect SAP Database system. We will be seeing how we can connect Power BI with both SAP BW and SAP HANA System. We will also have a quick hand’s on demo at the end of the webinar to showcase the various possibilities to blend and slice the data from SAP in Power BI.

Featured Case Studies

Visual BI Retail Customer

BI Implementation For A Top 25 Convenience Retailer

Rolled out and managed SAP BI landscape for a Top 25 convenience retailer

Visual BI Manufacturing Customer

Snowflake - Modern Data Warehouse Implementation

Implemented a scalable, robust and high-performance Snowflake data warehouse in a printers and equipment company

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