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SAP’s Change Transport System (CTS) is the golden standard when it comes to migrating customization and configuration changes from one client/system to another. Often, multiple changes need to be migrated in a specific sequence, due to dependencies that are not always obvious. This requires tighter coordination between developers, systems administrators and IT managers all the time. Ensuring perfect coordination is a challenging task, especially when enterprises distribute development activities across geographies.

For these reasons, organizations require a comprehensive transport reporting tool that enables easy administration, tracking and real time monitoring of the entire change transport system.

Visual BI’s BW Transport Tracker is an end-to-end solution that fulfills the above needs and streamlines the transport management process.

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Business Needs

  • Monitor and track transport movements across clients and environments real-time
  • Track end-to-end transport life cycle
  • Manage all transports for a user or a transport object
  • Proactively address object lock issues for large, distributed teams
  • Keep track of transports released but not imported to another environment
  • Ensure object and configuration changes are imported in the correct sequence
  • Enhance system stability by eliminating unauthorized production changes
  • Promote accountability and facilitate audit trail
  • Real time exception analysis for failed and cancelled transport requests in QA and production environments

KPI Views

  • What is the total number of transports by status across all systems?
  • How many requests were imported to production and QA?
  • How many objects and object types are contained in a specific request?
  • How many requests containing a specific object have not been imported to production?
  • How does the historic import trail and trend look for a specific object?
  • How do all of the above vary by specific timeframes, users, user groups or system objects?

1. Summary View

SAP BW Transport Tracker Dashboard Summary View. Summary view of the transport tracker displays the total number of transport requests and their statuses across all systems. Time periods can be selected using the tab button and slider control provided at the top, while the users and objects are selected from the list boxes towards the left. Total number of transports by system and status are displayed in a scorecard. Users can view the complete list of the transports below by selecting and clicking on the transport counts.

2. Transport Flow View

The Transport Flow view displays the status of a Transport Request (TR). The TR can be selected from a list at the left of the screen; the main panel displays the current status of the TR by means of a flow chart – whether the TR is currently in a queue or successfully imported to a target system and so on.

3. User View

SAP BW Transport Tracker Dashboard User View. User view displays the transport count for a specific user across the DEV and QA systems for a specific time period. This view provided here includes two charts displaying transport counts by status (for DEV & QA) and the count of ageing transports in DEV.

4. Period View

This view displays a stacked area chart comparing total transport counts by transport status. This could be viewed for a specific time period and/or system user using the selectors.

5. Exception View

SAP BW Transport Tracker Dashboard Exception ViewThis view provides information on erroneous transports in QA and Production environments. This can be retrieved for a specific user and/or period.

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