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The following are typical challenges faced by BI Support teams to keep track of data load, system issues and stability

  • Process chain status summary: Users need to log in the system and take stock the success and failure of process chains
  • Managing daily status report: Report generation of daily status of process chains is a painful task in BW. The user needs to login to the system and extract the data in spread sheet, before updating and presenting it to management
  • Dependency on EWA report: Management relies more on Early Watch Report to get application and system level information.
  • Hourly system metrics: Non-availability of system information for Basis administration on an hourly basis

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Business Needs

  • Process chain run time daily status adequately managed and exhibited in more comprehensive manner.
  • Often failing process types tracked which helps IT team to analyse the failure and provide remedial measures.
  • Process chain run-time exceeding threshold hours facilitates the management to identify long running chains.
  • Accountability of individual process chain and its periodic run showcased and record count of specific run managed.
  • Basis Administration monitored and key metric points evaluated.
  • Last 24 hrs refreshed server activity facts keenly formulated and represented.

KPI’s for Critical Business Questions

  • Can the run time status of process chain adequately managed.
  • What is the % of failure of a specific process chain over a period of time.
  • How many process chains exceeding threshold hours in a day.
  • How many records processed in single runtime of a chain.
  • Can we get database growth size for a month, quarter, year.
  • Can we obtain current system memory availability and processing activity.
  • How many jobs are active ? How many background jobs currently running?

1. Process chain status view

This chart populates data of process chain status (Success or Failed) for the selected period. The user select period, status of process chain. Data displays graphically as trend. Options to get list of process chain by clicking the column elucidately displayed in the list box.

2. Basis view

This view displays system administration metrics for last 24 hrs. The data populates number of dumps, DB & user locks, Jobs ., Active, Cancelled, Background, Dialog. The Database size and its growth for last 6 months displayed graphically.

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