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Effective management, monitoring and support of a large scale enterprise data warehouse is a challenging task. Technology executives and managers require a central point of access to proactively administer and monitor systems to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance.

SAP delivered BW statistics solution simplifies administrative tasks by providing essential performance data and system status information. BW statistic objects record runtime data for BI processes(BW data providers and BEx queries) and performance critical events as well as alerts. However the standard SAP BW statistics solution adopts a “one-size- fits-all” approach that fails to completely address the needs of organizations deploying executive dashboards. Organizations implementing dashboards for data visualization and executive reporting, require technology functions that exclusively focus on dashboard performance administration and monitoring.
Visual BI’s BI Performance Statistics solution offers an intuitive performance monitoring tool that leverages SAP best practices to facilitate effective dashboard administration and operations. Our solution addresses critical questions and provides business benefits, such as:

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Dashboard Return on Investment (ROI)

  • What are the most frequently used dashboards? Can we justify technology investments and perform an exhaustive ROI analysis?
  • Are the recently deployed dashboards being adequately used? Determine reasons for their low usage. Identify accessibility issues, in-effective change management processes and inability to address customer requirements?

System usage and user traffic patterns

  • Who are the top report users? How can we engage and leverage these users for future projects and initiatives? How can we further collaborate with these stakeholders to meet our technology objectives.
  • When can we schedule system maintenance activities? Can we analyse historic traffic patterns and report usage trends to plan maintenance and migration activities?
  • Can we monitor users and their application specific activities in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner?

Lower Total cost of ownership(TCO)

  • Easy access to dashboard, query and info-provider performance and usage information. Consolidated dashboard monitoring solution offers easy administration and thus a lower total cost of ownership.

BW Performance tuning and optimization

  • What is the average OLAP time and database read time of the dashboards?
  • Can we analyze runtime and performance trends across days and months? How can we ensure system reliability and improve performance during peak times?
  • Determine performance tuning initiatives that can be implemented to optimize dashboard performance? Can we leverage this information for benchmarking purposes and construct a powerful business case for potential technology investments?

1. Summary View

Summary view of the BI performance statistics dashboard displays the most and least used queries, dashboards, and active users. A relevant time period could be selected using the selectors provided.

2. Dashboard View

The usage statistics for a selected dashboard is shown across the selected time period. The bottom half of the screen shows the statistics for individual users and queries based on a selection made in the trend chart. The time period and dashboard are selected on the left side of the screen by means of a set of buttons and a list box.

3. User View

This view provides detailed dashboard and query usage statistics for a particular user. Upon selection of a user from the list, the top half shows the usage across a daily or monthly trend. The chart columns drill down to a detailed list of dashboard and query runs by the user for the corresponding time period.

4. Query View

This view allows users to analyze the statistics of an InfoProvider or query across all users. The top half shows the run statistics for the selected query while the bottom half shows a split up across individual users. A second table in the lower right shows KPIs like Average time and OLAP read time for the queries in the system.

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