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SAP HANA Offerings

As an evangelist of In-Memory Computing and the latest trends in BI, Visual BI has adopted a market-leading approach in helping enterprises assess, plan and integrate HANA into their BI architecture.

We bring prior hands-on and in-depth expertise in this space, and can guide your HANA initiatives end-to-end covering strategy, consulting, licensing, implementation, reporting, performance optimization and support.

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End-to-End HANA Services



HANA Strategy Editions & Licensing HANA TCO | ROI Analysis HANA Agile EDW Architecture SAP + Non-SAP Mixed Architecture Enabling Self Service using HANA Rapid HANA POC Administration HANA BASIS


Real-Time Reporting
Real-time Alerts Enablement
HANA Modeling
Predictive Modeling
Big Data & IoT Integration
Hadoop | SAP VORA | Apache Spark
Near-line Storage
Sybase IQ



Performance Optimization


The next generation SAP Business Suite that is characterized by simplifications, massively increased efficiency (written natively for SAP HANA platform), and compelling features such as planning and simulation options in many conventional transactions. It moves from being a transactional system that merely records data towards giving users active decision support in real time.


Combines the power of both BW and HANA. Running SAP BW on HANA results in dramatically improved performance, simplified administration and streamlined IT landscape resulting in lower total cost of ownership.


The next generation Data Warehouse highly optimized for SAP HANA platform that provides simplicity (data structures, LCM), Openness (SDI, native SQL access), high performance and modern UI(UX based interface).


Provides Real-time operational reporting directly on your suite on HANA or S/4 HANA system without any redundancy or latency. It provides SAP delivered content in from of SAP HANA Calculation views which is based on transaction and master data model of SAP Business Suite.

Suite on HANA

The traditional SAP ECC solution made available on SAP HANA brings together transactions and analytics on a single in-memory platform, redefining the concept of real time.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

The in-memory Platform-as-a-Service offering from SAP, enables customers and developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA Platform in the cloud. With flexible subscription models and optional services for apps, database, and infrastructure, it provides instant access to the full power of SAP HANA.

SAP HANA Database Edition

SAP HANA is a full transactional, ACID compliant relational in-memory database with standard SQL support, designed to run transactions and analytics on a single copy of data, with maximum performance. SAP HANA, base edition provides the basic capabilities of the SAP HANA platform, such as the SQL, calculation, aggregation engines, and smart data access.

SAP HANA Platform Edition

SAP HANA, platform edition provides all capabilities of the SAP HANA, base edition. In addition, SAP HANA, platform edition provides additional capabilities for data warehousing, libraries for predictive algorithms and R integration, search and text mining, and use of spatial data.

SAP HANA Enterprise Edition

Provides all the capabilities of SAP HANA base and platform editions. In addition, the enterprise edition provides additional integration capabilities such as smart data integration and replication, and includes the data distribution rights for exporting data out of SAP HANA to be consumed in third-party applications without named user requirements.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

A fully scalable and secure private cloud offering available only from SAP. It gives you the full power of SAP HANA in a private, managed cloud environment that is supported by the most knowledgeable resources in the industry – from infrastructure to applications.

Know Your HANA Editions

Understand use cases & licensing considerations

The migration to SAP HANA allowed us to keep our data warehouse and analytics environment untouched while gaining a tremendous performance advantage

An Upstream Oil & Gas Company

Visual BI has been a great partner to work with on several SAP implementations. They demonstrated the ability to develop and implement a BI and reporting strategy on the latest platforms including SAP BW and Suite on HANA.

IT Director
A Regional Retailer

To call this a “learning experience” is a gross understatement. This is new terrain for our enterprise, and we’ve all learned quite a bit about what lies ahead of us

Director, Enterprise Applications
A Leading Oil & Gas Major

Our Customer Success Stories

Mixed Architecture Scenario With SAP HANA, SAP BW & SAP BO

Mixed Architecture Scenario with HANA Enterprise & SAP ECC (without SAP BW)

Migrated legacy Oracle EDW to Enterprise HANA which consumed both SAP ECC and Non-SAP data

Mixed Architecture with Suite on HANA & Non-SAP Data (without HANA Enterprise)

Mixed Architecture with Suite on HANA & Non-SAP Data (without HANA Enterprise)

Leveraged SAP BW during integration of non-SAP Data and Suite on HANA to ensure licensing compliance

Migration to SAP BW On HANA

Migration to SAP BW On HANA

Leveraged Migration Test Automation Tool to migrate SAP BW on to HANA delivering better BI performance

Mixed Architecture Using SAP HANA

Our experts can help you leverage the combined power of SAP S/4HANA, BW on HANA (or) BW/4HANA and HANA Enterprise in mixed architecture scenarios with appropriate considerations for business needs, licensing and IT environment considerations. Benefits of mixed architecture include

  • Truly Agile EDW Architecture, with enhanced agility
  • Integration of SQL-oriented approach with BW modeling
  • Flexibility in integrating SAP & Non-SAP data
  • Real time OLTP & OLAP
  • … and more
Composite BI BW SAP HANA EDW Architecture

HANA ROI Calculator

Visual BI’s HANA ROI Calculator is built on top of HANA using UI5. The tool allows you to perform sizing for various configurations and use cases, and compare the specifics and ROI for all these scenarios. You could also print or export the results for offline sharing or presentations. Highlights of this calculator include:

  • Metrics: Quantify business value along three dimensions – how much, how soon and how certain. Calculate NPV, IRR, Return-on-Investment rate and cumulative cost-benefit metrics
  • ROI Analysis: Capture costs and benefits over an extended time period for various configurations
  • Scenario Analysis: Save, compare and clone various ROI scenarios – for comparing hardware configurations, licenses and professional services options
  • Reports & Visualization: Generate charts, graphs and reports based on the underlying data for visualization
  • Export & Publish: Share this with executives during a meeting, incorporate their feedback live, and see the ROI values change immediately

Learn what SAP HANA can do for you

With various architectural possibilities, editions and licensing considerations, you may have a lot of unanswered questions on SAP HANA. Reach out to us to learn more.

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