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Let us unlock the power of data using Snowflake through our cost-effective way of Implementation, Integration, and more..
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Enable your Organization to be data-driven with Snowflake, the Data Warehouse built exclusively for the cloud


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Cloud BI

Cloud BI Strategy & Roadmap

Drive a comprehensive strategy to integrate Snowflake in your BI portfolio


Proof of Concepts

Experience Snowflake in action delivering insights using your own production data

On-prem & Cloud

On-Premise & Cloud Integration

Consume data from Cloud & on-prem, also combine both on-Prem and cloud data and apply business logics using DBT

Snowflake COE

Snowflake COE

Our dedicated COE helps customers build a strong foundation and roadmap for complete Data Warehouse Solutions along with thought leadership articles

Traditional Data Warehouse

Traditional Data Warehouse to Snowflake Migration

With our proficient Tools, Techniques, and team we help our customers accelerate the migration to the Snowflake Data platform.

Trusted Technology Partnerships to Modernize and Accelerate your Data Cloud Journey


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Our experts can help you with

How Snowflake fits into your existing Architecture?

Utilize the hybrid – Multi Cluster shared Data Architecture of Snowflake to improve your performance and lower the costs.

Wherever your data source exists (Cloud/On-Prem) we can pull the data into Snowflake.

snowflake fits existing architecture
snowflake modelling

Snowflake Modelling

Visual BI architects Roles, Schema and Databases bestowing to the scenario or landscape.

Visual BI provides Optimized Model with Industry best practices.

Visual BI can implement full business logic along with custom transformations in DBT so that you could start directly consuming the data from snowflake into your analytics application.

Integrate with other Tools

Visual BI helps to bring your data into Snowflake with Data ingestion tools likes Stitch, Alooma etc.

Visual BI can integrate your existing ETL Tools like Alteryx, Informatica to/from Snowflake.

Visualize your Snowflake data in Looker by building Look ML Models with Visual BI’s Looker Service.

Leverage the transformation tool ‘DBT’ in order to transform your data in Snowflake with the Visual BI’s expertise.

integrate with other tools

Cost Aspect

Visual BI understands your business scenario and selects the perfect choice of Warehouse which is optimized for you to concur less cost.

Visual BI leverages all the unique features of Snowflake (Time travel, Zero Claning)etc., wherever possible,with this we can bring down the cost multiple folds.

cost aspect
choosing right edition

Choose the Right Edition/Data Sharing Plan

Visual BI helps you to pick the right choice of Licensing by keeping in mind all the needs/demand the Organization would foresee.

If the Organization needs to share the data across its vendors, then we would assist with the picking Data Consumers or the Data reorders depending on the setting with whom data is shared.

Instant Elasticity

Visual BI would pick the optimized number of Clusters that needs to be spawn depending on the computation that the business is dealt with. In this way, the Organization would have enhanced performance with fixed cost.

Visual BI would be working with the respective teams (development, marketing,planning etc) to understand how much resource would be needed and helps to achieve the same without any hassle.

instant elasticity

Our Customer Success Stories

Data engineering

Data Engineering in Snowflake and Reporting in Power BI

Migrated 150+ decentralized Crystal Reports to Crystal Enterprise and published them to BI Platform

Modern data warehouse

Snowflake – Modern Data Warehouse Implementation

Leveraged Migration Test Automation Tool to migrate SAP BW on to HANA delivering better BI performance

Modern Data Warehouse Implementation

Snowflake - Modern Data Warehouse Implementation

Implemented a scalable, robust and high-performance Snowflake data warehouse…

Featured Webinars

Emerging Trends in Modern DW - A Q&A Style Discussion around Snowflake Vs BigQuery Vs Azure Synapse Vs SAP BW4/HANA

Emerging Trends in Modern DW – A Q&A Style Discussion around Snowflake Vs BigQuery Vs Azure Synapse Vs SAP BW4/HANA

A panel discussion on why customers are accelerating their data warehouse modernization efforts to the cloud with Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, or SAP BW4/HANA.

Snowflake: The most cost-effective, agile and scalable data warehouse ever!

In this webinar, the presenter will take you through the most revolutionary data warehouse, Snowflake with a live demo and technical and functional discussions with a customer. Ryan Goltz from Chesapeake Energy and Tristan Handy, creator of DBT Cloud and owner of Fishtown Analytics will also be joining the webinar.

cost effective agile scalable data warehouse

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